How is sorcery going to be added in Conan Exiles? Will corrupt be a useless stat? So many questions

I believe the dev team working on sorcery. We the community has not been update about it. I am hoping to get some news. The last time this topic was talk about it went smoothly and no flagging or off topic happen. Yet it was closed down. No pm why? No message from staff on the topic created explaining why it was closed.

1.) I want to know how sorcery is going to be added in Conan Exiles?

A.) Are spells skills (Feats) to be unlocked? Hopefully you don’t have to craft spells and they are x1 use only.

B.) Are spells 1xyour level daily? This is how dungeon and dragons balance spells.

C.) Are there permanent summons? I hate temporary summons.

D.) Will transformation spells have permanent buff while transform?

E.) Will spells come in tiers?

F.) Are there any spells that do damage?

G.) Will spells by pass armor?

H.) Will magic have its own stats?

I.) Is there a mana bar?

J.) If there a Mana Bar will the Mana Bar regen?

K.) Will robe sets be added with sorcery? A robe set is hood,robe,glove and boots. Same pattern as the set.

L.) Will enchanting be added? Enchanting could be used to change stats of items.

M.) Will jewelry,rings,necklaces,bracelets,earrings and etc be added as extra gear to wear?

N.) Will staffs,wands,rods,scepters and other magic weapons be added. If Intelligence is added then it could create Intelligence base damage weapons.

There are a few things that need to be answer as well:

2.) Is corrupt used at all for sorcery? If not skip 2 question line.

A.) Will corruption increase spell damage?

B.) Is corruption a resource for spell use?

C.) If corruption is spell resource do you lose corruption per spell use?

D.) If mana bar exist but no mana regen exist does corruption goes down to fill mana bar up?

E.) If mana bar regen exist is corruption used as emergency mana?

F.) Are there corruption spells?

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Wow, that is a lot of questions :slight_smile:

My pennies worth based on old feedback and official comments from FunCom.

The priorities right now are to resolve some of the more unpleasant bugs that have appeared on official servers and the like (lots of postings covering that).
You have a lot of questions that seem to imply that FunCom have said sorcery will definitely appear in the game - and in an almost D&D-style? To my limited knowledge has never been suggested. Conan Exiles already has a number of things that allow you to enhance weapons, armour and tools and that need special crafters (thralls) and so on. There are also already things that can temporarily or permanently change stats - many of these can appear magic. If instead of saying ‘drink a potion’ you character needs to wave a stick about whist screaming something before getting healed, well my character already does that. To be fair it’s usually because there’s a hyena biting my leg while I am trying to drink a potion.

In the Conan books spells are very, very hard to study and usually either purely religion-based (Set) or via demons (corruption). Also based on the books, spell-casters are basically very weak and rely completely on slaves and the like to defend them. FunCom have tried as far as possible to stick to the overall Conan genre so, if they brought spells in, I would not expect casters to be very strong at all. In most cases, by the end of a chant, the caster would be more likely to see all their fingers and entrails scattered about them than see their opponent trying to put out a fire in their beard or hair.

Ultimately, no, there are no formal spells. Corruption was not meant to be for sorcery. There are no magic items outside of things you can already combine with weapons/armour/tools. Jewelry is not a thing (pirate/dancers excepted). There is no mana bar. No summonses. No spell levels or spells. Dragons have never been magic-related. They just bite and in some cases breath fire. If you really, really want spells then I am guessing Conan Exiles is not really what you are looking for. If you are looking for chopping things up, building and even role-playing, then Conan Exiles is awesome. You can also look at private servers using some mods that simulate magic: Calamitous and Ember come to mind.

Good luck!

The dev team’s current focus is on fixing critical bugs and issues that have been reported by the community. Sorcery is not under active development right now, so we don’t have any news or updates to share. When we have something more substantial to reveal or talk about with regards to sorcery we will, of course, announce it in as many channels as possible.