A new stat for sorcery, Increase max Level to 100 and learn all skills

Intelligence is new stat. Instead of corruption. The smarter you are the better spells access to you. Perks are spell tiers. I would like to add corruption as a low tier 0 spell. Since Conan exiles sorcery don’t use fireballs or other element magic. Corruption is used as starting. Necromancery unlocks with 30 points invest in intelligence.

I would like to add staffs as magic weapons. Staffs have melee and range attacks. Staffs are weak weapons compare to other weapons. Where they lack in damage they make up for in status effects. Staffs damage increase with intelligence.

Corruption should be use as a weapon to transform your self. Corruption does nothing as a spell. This way you can go 100%. I want to add were forms. The were rat is my first. The other two are were lizard and were hyena. Were forms has 4 forms. Were forms get stat boost. Were forms can only use light armor. Brutes were no armor. All were forms has fur/scales. A nude were shows nothing. Scales and fur coves up nips and Gentile.Weres have there own buildings and weapons,armor and other. Brutes can’t use weapons or armor. One Brute per clan. Weres have acess to building corruption pits. Corruption pits allows you to get corruption fast. Were must transform to 25% form first. Clan leader can only transform to 75%. Clan leader can give permission to allow big one. Max 5 big ones per clan. Clan Leader picks there big ones and brute. Brute aren’t siege weapons. Brute and big ones are honor ranks of a were pack. Brute can’t use magic.

The Skinners or 25% corruption get plus 30% movement speed and attack speed as well as plus 5 to all stats but intelligence.

The Big Ones or 50% Corruption get plus 15% movement speed and attack speed as well as plus 10 to all stats but intelligence.

The Pack Master or 75% Corruption gets plus 5% movement speed and attack speed as well as plu 15 to all stats but intelligence.

The Brute or 100% corruption gets 50 armor,x3 strength fist damage ,claws ignored 50% of armor as well as plus 20 to all stats but intelligence.

Were are cursed to were light armor only. Brute can’t were armor. Were armor and weapons goes up mid grade.

Max LV increase by 100.

You should have enough skill points at lv 100 to learn all skills.

I feel corruption should transform.

I dont think we need an increase on lvl cap. We’re fine at 60, actually, this game would work even without levels, we only need them to spend talent and knowledge points.

Increase cap is needed.

For who? and what?

How many are lv 60? For me I have x10 exp gain. But that common for offline. The point is boring LV 60 cap. Look I don’t want a LV 99 cap. It’s been done too many open world surivial games. Ark did it until fan boys cry out. They max out at 115. LV 100 is a nice even number. A Stat max out at 50. But that using 50 LV ups. At 60 you could balance all stats to 20. 100 would allow all stats to 30. Iw would be 20 again at LV 100 with my new stat added.

Bryan, you’re talking about level caps as if the levels actually matter.
It’s just a number. No matter what it ends up being, it changes nothing.

I will state though that I feel like the amount of knowledge points you can allocate at the end feels rather restrictive. There are too many things that any player, even in a group, NEEDS to have unlocked to allow players to get a few of the vanity things on the side unless they chug respec potions. But that’s my own opinion.

I agree with Eruend, thats why I said levels are pejorative, they only exist to give the player the sensation that hes progressing , but in fact, you can progress just by walking, surviving, building, etc so levels are only a nomenclature here, a mere placebo.

And if you want more points to spend on attributes to have acess to more perks, this affect game balance, dmg, health pool, debuffs, all that affecting gameplay, this requires time development, and they just released the game. I dont think we’re going to see an increase on that soon, and honestly, I think this would mess up with the game. We are already getting somewhat close to “balance” regarding weapon dmg, and the builds avaliable are already diverse, they only need to give more depth to Agility and Accuracy.

In resume, having more points will lead to Super Sayajin builds, look at wow, it started simple, then with the expansions they rocket the numbers to Jupiter, then they realised that less is more, so they went back, too much power gets boring because everyone can do almost everything, and the grace is players having a certain role, being unique in his playstyle.

The extra attribute points we get from gear and craftables are enough to reach more perks.

A stat max out at 50. Can’t go any higher. Right now you can do all 20’s. 8th stat reduce that to all 15. You didn’t reply on the other stuff.

Feel insulted no talk about the magic weapons or were forms. Staffs have durability and can be use as melee and range weapon. There durability drains x2 when use for range. Were buildings are tier 1. Melee and Range weapons out damage staffs.

Understand that I really mean no harm towards you, but would you mind rephrasing that last post? I think the language barrier is hitting us since I can’t make out the meaning of half of what you said.

The game maxs your at 60. Most players are focus on a build. I’m not trying to be op. I put points in agility and surivial. Vitality 30. No naurtal passive healing. Right now at LV 60 you can have 20 points in all stats. Balance players focus on all stats. We are look down by alot of players. Lv 100 might allow for 7 stats to go to all 25-30. I have to do the math. I know for a fact that 2 stats could be 50. But no one would do that.

Actually, you can curently come close to hitting two maxed out stats with buffs and armor bonuses. That said, in this case, I feel that this is ok. As it stands, the game benefits multiple difrent builds. Adding too many points will just open up the game to a “do it all” build that will end up being the default. It would kill off variety.

That said, I think the game could afford and benefit from giving between 10 to 20 extra attribute points at most. I feel that the current ammount is just a tad suffocating. You “nearly” max two stats with everything including buffs. You still fall short from it and that makes me sad.

Also, they need to make accuracy worthwhile. All my builds have 0 in there and my archery does not suffer for it.

Wrong. 31 with 3 points points in another stat. 21 is max you can have in a balance build. With 1 stat being 22.

Oh my you max out 1 stat. I wouldn’t do that. Accuracy increase bow damage. There a perk that ignore 50% of armor.

Maxing 1 stat leaves you with 2 20’s and 1 ten. No one dumb engough to 31 a stat and 3 another.

I think they need to adjust the amount of points required to increase your skills.
It should cost 1point for every increase up to 10, 2 up to 20, 3 up to 30 and so on.
Now it costs 2 when you get to 5, 3 when you get to 10, 4 at 15.
I don’t know when you get past 20 as I’ve started stockpiling points until I know what I can do with them.

WTF is this post? The leveling and feat system is fine, adding levels or other junk just complicates a very simple issue.

It suppose to be a topic talking about a new stat called Intelligence and Increase the max cap to 100 so magic players aren’t cut in half by a single swing.

Clearly you mean stat points. And no to your idea.

What’s the point? Joel already has a working prototype of the magic system he designed so this discussion will likely go nowhere

Do no one use Intelligence anymore? Magic suppose to be about brains over brawl.