Is it worth sacrificing your body to corruption? Also about attribute points

I’ve been playing with the sorcery so far and yeah it’s been fun but it’s a real hinder in fights and it completely changes the attribute perks to something you don’t know until you get it.

The only way I can see being a sorcerer fun is putting points in vitality & authority while you sit in the back trying to cast spells which to some degree is limited Even the fog spell that summons dead, they attack your thrall and the fog lasts forever and you literally cannot see anything dispite you being the one that casted the spell

So is it generally worth halfing your hp & stamina by 50% just to hinder yourself in combat which you yourself will mostly have to do regardless especially until you get to late game and gather some decent followers?

Now about the attributes I think maxing only 3 skills kinda sucks I mean if I want to switch from being agile to medium armour I still need to allocate points in to strength, yeah I get it agility is light not medium or heavy and if I get the corruption perk it removes the 25% armour reduction (?) and changes it to something else, not to mention I may as well go the usual strength build, why? because I can carry a lot more, deal more damage which makes agility to some degree useless because all that allows me to do is deal more damage with daggers/bows with a tiny boost to stamina.

Personally I’m seeing strength, vitality being maxed out along with another of your choosing possibly authority or stamina if you’re wanting it.

Yeah I could go strength, agility, vitality but who doesn’t want to be able to wonder around with 2 followers?, personally I think having an additional follower should require 10 perks in authority that way I can put 20 in to strength, 20 agility, 10 vitality, 10 authority

Although I have generally wondered how survival games would be if we didn’t get skill points but we just gain increases skill levels the longer we used something similar to proficiencies.

(This is all of top of my head, hopefully I didn’t make a rambling mess of the text above and you guys understand)

Just to clarify, is your feedback from PvP perspective? My choices and experience is very different from yours when it comes to PvE choices.

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I play PvE generally

Fair. During my testing I felt most comfortable with 20 grit 20 exp 10 str 10 vit.

For my combat spec, I felt much better with 20 aut. but not the double follower perk, the bonus stats one is much better in my opinion. I didn’t feel corrupted stats are my thing but some people found interesting builds with them.

Agi didn’t feel as good to me but others were very happy with how agi build plays. This really shows that various builds are viable which is a good thing.

I am generally a light user. It provides enough damage mitigation. In certain situations, I found heavy more suitable.


Yeah it just feels like you can’t play the way you want without sacrificing attributes/perks along with corruption making it much harder all around

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