Making Corruption More Challenging

Corruption. Pretty scary and and debilitating stuff in the Exiled Lands right? No, not really. Like a number of other players here on the forum, I do like and genuinely appreciate a good challenge. This idea wont exactly redefine the word challenging as we know it, or cause men to cry out in the darkness. It would however add another layer of concern and dread to Corruption. So what is my proposal?


I suggest that instead of Corruption only depleting our Health and Stamina bars, it should also gradually taint and reduce our Attribute points within their respective bars. I will leave the numerical values and rates open to deliberation, and also whether each Attribute should taint evenly, or one at a time. Note-that this would of course still be removed via the normal means, such as Dancers, Heart of a Hero, Cleansing Brew, etc.

I personally feel that this would make Corruption feel like more of a threat than it currently does. Furthermore, it would add a greater sense of danger if we are wandering around with high levels of Corruption, and a need to be careful, as opposed to it being a mere annoyance. Now I know that this idea certainly wouldnt appeal to all players, and especially those who prefer a relaxed pace. Which is fine; to each man his own playstyle. Therefore, I propose that the added ‘Attribute Corruption’:
:warning: Would be activated by an Admin Setting, and only be in effect by default on the ‘Barbaric’ difficulty setting. :warning:

So in the meantime peoples as always, please tell me what you think?


I feel it would lose the Attribute perks too easily. That makes the perk useless.

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i don’t know if thats a good idea, most people get the exact amount of points they need to reach optimal perks, this means that getting a sliver of corruption (for -1) would already ruin their entire builds. So everyone would use weapons that apply corruption on hit.


@Skillo maybe a different type of corruption such as “enviromental corruption” and “corrupted weapons” should be separated.
So the enviromental corruption would reduce your strength since it weakens your mind and soul why not your muscles too?
I like the idea @Croms_Faithful but the cleansing brew should get a buff too to kinda compensate. Removing 1% is not much, you have to carry 2-3 stacks or even more if you go to a journey. Bringing up to 5% would be so much better in my opinion.
But as the others said losing attribute points and so losing important perks is a bit too much. Somebody with 50 ENC fully packed with loot and mats walks into for exapmle the aviary loses his 50th point, unable to run and dies right after he entered.
So I think instead of attributes the corruption should lower the actual values such as strength and accuracy (not the attribute itself but the actual true accuracy) or something like this.


Yeah, tier 50 perks would cease to exist in corrupting environments if unlocked perks were also affected by this (and with the current game system they would, because temporary buffs unlock perks while they’re active, too).

But what if… corruption had a chance to increase some stats (in addition to debuffing others)? I mean, it’s like magical radioactivity, and we all know that radioactivity can turn you into a superhero. (Pay attention, Marvel supervillains - the way to defeat Spider-Man is bringing a dancer with you.)


Ahh but dont you seet Dzonatas and Skillo, in this case, that is exactly the point. It is also why I suggested that this should quote: “be activated by an Admin Setting, and only be on by default on the ‘Barbaric’ difficulty setting”. It is intended to be an added, higher level challenge for players who prefer a hardcore playstyle.

Basically, heading out knowing that one could lose their, passive regeneration, additional 100% concussion bonus or 10% additional carry weight (and so forth) is what increases the level challenge and sense of danger. It makes people be more mindful of where they are going in order to do battle, and to be better prepared when heading out (ie-cleansing agents).

This was the premise anyway friends. This is not the sort of suggestion which I normally delve into; Im generally more geared towards physical PvE additions than gameplay mechanics. So being outside my domain it is possible I have missed the mark with this one. It was just something I pondered over the weekend while wandering the Unnamed City.


As long as it is a admin setting it would only affect single player and private server players and give CRAZY people (Croms Faithful)the opportunity to die more often. I would be all for it and I can see a server set like this for a weekend adventure. Myself I die often enough without extra help.


I do agree that this would spice up the survival and danger aspect by quite a bit, but doesn’t that make the attacker’s life a little bit too easy?

The first person to hit eachother with some corruption weapon would probably win because of perk advantage.

I think that we need to help the defenders a bit too. Making cleansing items more acessible. Taking some inspiration from dark souls, most ‘‘cleansing items’’ (be it for poison, frostbite, burning) are somewhat easily acessible to everyone. IMO it is that way because ailments are one complementary element of combat, and with proper setup the player can mitigate this annoyance.

In our case, the corruption becomes a deal breaker and a major factor in battles, almost more importantly than the damage done itself. And our cleansing methods are not even the most acessible thing.


What if it worked in tiers based on %. 1-10% 5th perks are disabled, 11-20% 4th perks are disabled, 21-30% 3rd perks are disabled, 31-40% 2nd perks are disabled. 41-50% all peks are now disabled. This allows for one to get a hint and not really lose anything until they had taken a lot.
5th ENC perk would be the main one hit in the 1-10% range. But since you are at max enc build, carrying a stack of cleansing brew (buff slightly of course) or multiple hearts of heroes would not “hurt” you.

11-20 would start to really do damage to player builds, but even then, you still have vitality 3rd. Taking 21-30% would be where it hurt all players, as most have builds that get them to 2 or 3 different 3rd perks.


make it so you lose the first perk only after 10%. Then you wont be an useless snail after the first corruption tick

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What about increasing difficulty corruption? I mean combine all of the ideas like:

  • below light corruption only max HP and stamina gets reduced as it is right now
  • on light corruption you lose strength and (real) accuracy while still losing HP and stamina
  • on medium corruption you slow down and lose encumbrance (I do not have better ideas right now). This is an added “bonus”, you still losing accuracy, strength, HP and stamina.
  • on heavy corruption and beyond on top of the former losses you start to lose your actual perks.

Well, you really have a point here. I have a ‘crazy run’ and the dodge change was really challenging, so even if i went really upset at the beginning, the new challenge ‘thing’ was stronger and finally i loved it. Now corruption changes, hmmm, bring it on dude, yea love it allready :joy::joy::joy:. As long they will change the stuck of yellow lotus flowers, from 20 to 100 at least. Nice suggestion dude :+1:


Losing stats without losing perks, i don’t that it can be done in this game LOL

Jokes aside, seems like a solid idea


I must be completely honest here, this didnt bother me in the least when I first thought of it. After all, this concept was aimed more at the hardcore playstyle niche, so having that vulnerable or technically unviable didnt really bother me. However, I am feeling that people like the concept in principle, but have some concerns in this area. Maybe I have just set the brutality bar a little high on this one. Ok lets look at these two follow ups.

Whew! That would really throw a wildcard into the mux wouldnt it. In a bizarre way it would make some sense on certain Attributes, such as Strength and maaaybe Agility, with its taint and madness inducing effect. In a lot of fantasy and folklore many madmen are terrifying adversaries, known for their unaturally high levels of physical strength and speed and manouverability.

You know I think you may be onto something here Rolee. Perhaps consuming a Cleansing Brew could provide a temporary buff similar to the warming up/cooling down effects. Just for the sake of an example ‘renewed vigor’ or ‘purified’; provides 30 seconds, 60 seconds (insert numerical value) of immunity to corruption.

I think that a number of members have missed a key part of the suggestion, so I made a key part of the suggestion much more noticeable. Furthermore, I am just going to clarify hereafter Shadoza.

Please note that I have only requested this as an Admin setting, which is off by default, on all difficulty modes except for Barbaric. It is a feature intended for hardcore players who would like additional challenge. As such, I feel that if a new player decides to turn it on, or begins on Barbaric difficulty (ie-hard mode), then it is logical to assume that they are playing for that increased challenge, not for a relaxed pace of play.

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