The core of corruption!

Corruption is a mystical force! It takes vitality and grit if you get in contact with it! Should it do more? What do you think, Exilers? Should there also be weapons which do corruption to other players?


I think weapons doing corruption would need a big balance. For example, maybe very low durability or not being repairable.

I think it’d be cool if Corruption had an effect on your appearance. Things like dark baggy eyes or losing muscle definition.


Corruption is a big mechanic in the progression of players. Corruption prevents most people from being able to move too far north early in the game without much consequence. Obviously, there are experienced players that can make it all the way to the tundra without issue. Also, corruption helps prevent mass farming of materials like demon blood. I think the way the system works now is almost perfect and doesn’t need much of a look. It’s not a debilitating nerf for players, and it’s also not so easy that it makes the mechanic worthless.

If magic ever gets introduced to the game, I could see some corruption being a part of that. In the case of normal weapons I don’t see how it makes any sense. Maybe an end game area legendary drop? Maybe. The method of PvP is to put out at much damage as possible to kill your opponent quickly. You would have to remove damage to compensate for the health removal that cannot be removed from death. This would make that weapon less effective than it’s non corruption equivalent.


I think as it is now corruption can just be avoided completely with no problem. Nothing in the corrupted areas that you cannot get other places, and it doesn’t prevent northward travel. Maybe it prevents you from going straight NW to the set city, but that is not by much.

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But this could be a very good idea. Let this “rare and legendary” weapon make damage to vitality and grit and let this weapon simultaneously prevent the gaining of health.

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I think it would be really cool if some weapons dealt corruption to the players using them. Acheronian weapons, Black Ice weapons, should be extremely powerful, but also have drawbacks.

I strongly disagree that these weapons should deal corruption damage. Imagine what it would be like to be a noob, griefed by these weapons! Not only are you killed, but you get a permanent health debuff! That sounds awful… Had you considered this?

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You are right @TwinCrows. There should be no corruption damage but vitality and grit damage and (this could be awful too :smiling_imp:) it could also prevent your opponent from gaining his health automaticly (when he has the ability for this) and/or per eating.

Yeah! I think temporary debuffs would be more interesting. The problem with corruption damage itself is that it’s very punishing, more so for newer players.

I think there should be a visible effect to corruption, like characters getting all grey an stuff.

It would definitely force people to always bring dancers with them on raids, if the defenders were able to corrupt the attackers and take away half their life and stamina.

Defenders killing the attackers is one thing; the attackers can have a cache of weapons and armor near their bedrolls to re-equip themselves after they die in the hands of the defenders, and the attackers can also steal gear from the defenders they kill, but corruption would be a permanent deterrent until cleared by dancers. This might also end the raid if the defenders were able to kill the dancers that the attackers brought with them.

Definitely seems like an interesting mechanic, especially if tied to base structures and defense (traps that cause corruption, or corruption-emanating structural objects), but has definite cons as well. Also, it would, of course, assume that people actually raid active bases, and don’t just attack bases when they’re completely empty like a bunch of thieving cowards. :sunglasses:

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For the weapons thing I think it would be cool if they had weapons that would become more powerful the more corrupted you are. Not as in they’ll do corruption damage but they just get a stat boost or a new perk if you’re corrupted.

Maybe add a corruption perk line too, everyone could access it since it would be fueled by corruption and it would have 5 perks like normal since 50% is max just put each at 10% increments. Not sure what type of perks but maybe something like

20%: Poison of the Corrupt - your heavy attacks put the poison debuff on enemies (similar to bleed but doesn’t stack and reduces the targets healing capabilities)

Drawback is obviously you have a decent chunk of health and stamina lost but it would be neat to play with.

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I am really looking forward to sorcery because of the corruption mechanics. I think it is super clever that your spells would get more powerful the higher your corruption…or even that you only have access to certain tiers of spells at various levels of corruption at the cost of being at half life and Stam when you are able to cast the most powerful spells. Can’t wait for sorcery. I hope they get a talented animator soon!


Corruption today:
Currently corruption does really nothing and if you really dont want to it has 0 effect on your gameplay. Corrupted areas like The arena, City, Spider Caves should really give you something rewarding. this are also great spots for “world” bosses you are preparing for us. Corruption tick (corruption per second) should be reduced so you can manage it without dancer while inside this special areas (or you can add potion that will reduce corruption effect for some time). With possible legendary loot or special/rare craft material awarded for completing this areas Corruption would make sense.

Items with corruption effect:
do not add items with corruption damage to other players. But add boosted items (weapons, armors, tools) that will cause corruption to you in exchange for better stats. This should be corruption that will not be healed by the dancers as long as you wear the item, but when you remove it from your item equipment it will be removed by dancers. This way you could created more builds to the game. Corrupted armor would increase some stats a bit more than epic armors but will reduce your health and stamina so it wont be totally overpowered (silent legion armor should do corruption to its wearer and you could add light and medium versions - light for some “dungeon” in swamps, medium for some “dungeon” in desert).

this would give PvP and PvE endgame some more purpose.

with all this reading, i could totaly see some kind of doom ritual rock to throw on enemy base, causing corruption in the aera. Or even a corrupt orb.
It could be cool to force defender to go out rather than have to crush in only


This thread’s good for the ol’ imagination. Joel talked about trebbing corpses into the enemy’s lair.

  1. Take your high-HP/valuable Fighter Thrall into The Arena or other fave Corruption Zone.
  2. Invite him to the siege. Sacrifice him, treb him over the wall.
  3. He stays radioactive until the enemy can find and dismantle his corpse.

In the last stream (back when they were showing off the map room placeable) Joel made an off-hand comment about corruption in the unnamed city that gave me the impression that corruption gained from the environment was getting changed. More that the enemies there would add corruption when they hit you rather than a constant passive gain from the area itself.

I like the idea of visual effects by corruption.
Remembers me of this lovely guy:

I personally would love to see corruption in the way it was planned to be used with the sorcery system. As a way of power source for dark magic of twisted souls.

There is now a first Mod by @Krysez which is using corruption for weapons or items

Thanks for the share @TwoJay

Just to clear any confusion, this Weapon doesn’t actually use Corruption for the Magic. The “Fist” is Corrupted and the longer you wear it, the more Corruption you gain. The weapon is so OP that I had to give it a drawback so it wasn’t overused.

However, I have also added something new to the Mod for those “over-corrupted” It is a Summonable Vulture (Left-Handed Weapon Slot) that hovers far above and before you and provides Corruption Cleansing as long as he is out. There are some slight Animation “uglies” that occur when swinging and jumping, thats why I made him a Ghost, so there is no Collision and it is a small drawback to its benefits.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions on this Mod, plz let me know.


Just going to add a random thought here but what if you were at maximum corruption (50%) you would also corrupt enemies around you? That might be OP but you’re sitting at a 50% reduction to health and stamina already. Only issue I can see this causing is corrupting friendly people or clan members.