New Mod idea for corruption

So while I hate the thought of doing the Dev’s job for them, I have come to realise that if I or anyone else wants a really smooth game it needs to be created by moder’s. If any of you want to beat me to this go right ahead as it will take me a god bit of time to do it but here’s the idea. After I made the now retired damage numbers mod I had realized that most things, temperature items that don’t make sense, for instance, aren’t that hard to straighten out even with the mess of code presented. It was bugging me that corruption was initially going to be used for sorcery and then basically got scrapped and forgotten and there was no use for it so my answer to that is a weapon line that gets stronger the more corruption you have and as it slowly depletes your corruption it gets weaker. It shouldn’t be exploitable by thralls because they aren’t affected by corruption (as far as I know) so it would be strictly a player weapon. It could be taken further by creating an aura around a person affected by corruption that increases and decreases as the corruption does the same thereby not surprising people when they get hit. theoretically corruption could be used in that manner for other uses as well. Anyone have an opinion?

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