Conceal Corruption - suggestion

I’ve been messing around in single player testlive, checking out the update. I have to say I love it, sure there are things that can be improved, but I love it.

Devs really managed to pull off something difficult with the sorcery system: a creeping feeling of unease, a sensation of… dirtiness lingering after each interaction with the sorcery system - really, I feel like having to shower each time lol, and this fits really well with what you’re actually doing there as a player, of course (perhaps the thrall system was intended to be this way as well, once upon a time, but it’s more like pokemon now).

However, I feel that it would be much more consistent with the theme to not have a simple “Conceal Corruption” toggle (that also requires only the cheapest of the reagent bags). It’s already about commitment in a way, when you can’t cleanse corruption after you modify/corrupt your attributes. Now, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a conceal corruption spell, but make it more like a ritual than a spell. Have it on a timer + make it cost something significant (maybe tie it to one of the sorcery stations - with the player having to return there periodically). Have it so that it reminds players about the costs/consequences of what they are actually doing.

How about you funnel the outward visible energies of you corrupted appearance to radiate a corruption zone around you when it bleeds out, affecting followers, allies and enemies where your presence is now detected… The price of vanity is high.

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That would be quite cool, to turn into a corrupting source yourself :smiley: I’m not sure how it would be possible from a technical standpoint though…

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