Feedback from Testlive - Sorcery, corruption levels and summon

Feedback on Testlive with focus on sorcery.

After trying out sorcery for about 5 hours in SP local client, I can say that this will be a very welcome addition to Conan Exiles. It is fun and rewarding with great animations and spell effects. The corpses looks really good and the way the corpse crumble after harvesting it’s soul aweful (in a positive way).

AoE spell effects is a very nice edition and really makes sorcery feel powerful and immersive.

Overall some spells effectivness and summon durations feel unbalanced, but I will not comment on that since I am sure it will be tweaked and balanced.

However there are some issues I would like to point out.

Corruption works like tiers, you need 20%, 40% to cast certain spells, (tier 0, tier 1 and tier 2 spells) would it not be more logical that you can cast the spell at low corruption, but it will be weak. The stronger the corruption, the stronger the spell?

Example. Cast Lightning storm at 10% corruption (tier 0), you will get a smaller cloud, with less lightning bolts. At 40% (tier 2) you will get a very large cloud, and more lightning bolts.

The same could be applied to Raise dead, summon/invisibility (shorter/longer duration). This would open up usefull sorcery (but limited) to more players, but only the fully corrupt would reap all the rewards.

Summon - Circle of power
Summoning and the Circle of power are nice, but not practical when out away from your base. It would be nice if we could get the option to draw a symbol on the ground (using salt, chalk, blood) and use that for summon.

Spell casting
Missing a label (name) for the runes. Right now there is a description, but why not have them labeled? “Illusion” > “Invisibility” / “Mirror”?

It would also be beneficial if we could move “backwards” in the menu of spells, instead of cancelling and restarting. (However, with my above suggestion this would be less of an issue since there would be no need to “elevate” into tiers/pages).

Not a big fan of this system, I can understand the requirement for ingredients for summoning at the Circle of Power, but for spell casting it should be drawn from your corruption, the price is already paid. It doesnt make sense that the pouches should have different material requirements (cloth, leather etc) and different weight and carry limits. If this is an attempt at balance, there must be better options (like a casting fatigue system)

Yeah. Feels like a merge of two systems.

The standard D&D Wizard using spell components for his magic.
Something like a sorcerer taking their own inner power, befouled and corrupted, and granting them appropriate magics.

Casting fatigue makes me think of a book series, Bifrost Guardians.

In it “sorcery” utilizes Chaos, which is an entropic force, or some such. But at the time of the setting, not a big deal. However at one point, they were in a different time period.

And each time they cast, used up some of their personal Chaos, which was all that was left. And I remember a line stating that it was lost to them forever.

So if we had a meter filled at max corruption, and each casting drained so much of the meter, based on the power of the spell invoked. Meaning we would have to get back more Corruption in order to cast more.

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