Comprehensive and complete feedback on Sorcery

This is compiled feedback after using and abusing Sorcery for a month since its release. This will include all sorcerous things from spells to graves. It is also feedback on current features, not a suggestion for new ones. Maybe will do that one later.


Reveal Corruption - nice spell, but it currently has very little use. It would be nice if it highlighted more corrupted things. It has potential for the future.

Reveal Resources - this one is super meh. Especially for little experienced players who already know where all the resources are. It’s especially underwhelming considering you get it mid-way through sorcery. I don’t really have an idea how to make this more useful.

Imbue Wisp - great idea for a spell. It’s amazing to not having to waste a slot on a torch. Just the light needs to be a little bit brighter and the duration needs to increase. Double it at least.

Embed Wisp - same as the previous one.

Call the Dead - very fun spell to play with. It would be even cooler if it turned corpses in the area into zombies. The zombies could use a little bit more HP; they die really fast right now. The only other thing holding it back is the janky AI, but that’s part of Conan.

Call of Nergal - This is perfectly fine as it is. It’s fun to para-demon into places.

Conceal Corruption - just a lovely cosmetic change. Perfect.

Mirror Mark - a clone done right. Lasts decently long and isn’t op. Maybe the radius could be a bit larger. It would also be nice if the Clone had some aura effect to give it PvP use. Something like applying cripple or weakness in a radius.

Invisible Self - now this is how long self-utility buffs should last. I like that it doesn’t make a person completely invisible and allows a skilled eye to counterplay. Shame it breaks on interaction, hey, maybe idea for “Greater Invisibility” hehe.

Frozen Bridge - I love this. The amount of things one can do with the bridge is just amazing. Can’t really complain about anything here, it’s decently long and last decently long. I could complain about the animation being slow, but it’s also very cool to watch, so I can’t complain about it.

Slow Fall - Great concept. But very meh implementation. The combination of the extremely short duration and very specific effect gives it very little use. I’d drastically increase the duration so that it can be used for stuff like escaping from combat.

Mass Cull - Nice. Love me some quick resources. The radius is not too small or too large, so nothing to complain about.

Creeping Darkness - very cool spell. Love how it looks, love what it does. It’s just a shame the PvE use case for this is close to none. Maybe have it spawn a couple weak spiders, idk. It’s a low level spell so it can’t be too strong.

Wall of Fire - is not great. It works fine as a wall most of the times, but the damage it deals is pathetic.

Lightning Storm - it looks cool, but that’s about it. One has to sacrifice a goat to RNGesus for the lightning to hit anything. One fix would be to decrease the damage of individual bolts, but make them strike much more often. Not even sure if the damage decrease is necessary since this is the final most big bad sorcery.


Abyssal Horse/Rhino - just terrible. They look cool, but them being temporary makes them really bad. There is absolutely no reason to ever summon one other than quick cosmetic flex.

Summon Corpse - this one just feels kind of useless. If you play without DOD, it is useless and if you play with DOD, I’d assume you enjoy the aspect of DOD and thus would not use this sorcery.

Abyssal Call - this is better than the horse and rhino, since the demon can actually fight and doesn’t count towards your thrall limit. But it still sucks it is only temporary. And it doesn’t even come at max level. With this one, just increasing the duration a decent bit would be great.

Abyssal Bow/Maul - they are not bad. I just kind of expected a bit more. Maybe some special effect or something. Like having the Maul do the explosion player gets from Desecrate perk.

Abyssal Armour - I think this one is good. It’s as strong as you’d expect from end-game demonic armour.


Shallow Grave Zombies - I’d love more variety, but the current zombies are fine. They are good. Not as good as Thralls, but also more expendable.

Transportory Stone - Nice.

Elixir of Rebirth - I love it. Finally, thralls with bad perks can stop having unfortunate accidents.

So that covers all of it I think. And these are my thoughts.

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Please go hit a base in PVP with lighting storm and watch your mouth drop during raid hour times. It does too much stupid damage.

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This spell used to be the primary means of advancing sorcery. But then sorcery advancement was changed which made this spell kinda obsolete.

The duration on this doesn’t bother me. But for the duration it should be as bright or brighter than a Glowstick. Personally I think it should be brighter with a larger radius which would give us a lightsource to use in conjunction without replacing torches.

This is an interesting spell. When it hits a Player or NPC it does about 256-512 damage (I’m not exactly sure which and when, both values are listed in this section in the devkit, but I haven’t delved too deep into the algorithm, just a quick glance). When it hits a structure it does 6,000 damage on a direct hit. When it hits the ground it does 100,000 damage with diminishing returns the further away an object is, which makes near misses obliterate stuff, and if it (in theory, haven’t been able to reproduce) clips to the ground through a building, it annihilates it.

Edit since patch, or so it did. Will need to check the new values.

First time I used that summon was a whole set of mixed feelings. At level 0, it was anemic. As it gained levels, and it started wrecking stuff it become my favorite pet. Somewhat unique attacks, good health, not terrible armor, and decent damage made for a cool pet. Getting it to level 20 didn’t take very long either.

Then the bastard turned on me and became a boss fight I wasn’t prepped for. That involved me running around my base trying to get some healing items ready and not having followers helping because he was my follower and everything else was at the time set to attack nothing. A total ‘oh crap this is a elite/boss right here’ except right here is in my base so I can’t really deagro the thing. I think I had no gear either because my abyssal armor had just worn out after doing whatever it was I was doing. Was a very interesting experience.

Not sure how to use this thing. It seems best when farming NPCs, but if I’m doing that, I’m usually using truncheons which defeats the purpose of having a non-thrall pet. It doesn’t work on bosses because it needs to be leveled. So its probably only good for farming monsters/animals. Which makes it great for Vaults in Siptah but not much else.

If it came out level 20, it would be useful for boss farming and probably emergency purge defense (though if you were to make a few of these… I think can make more than one… then you’d have a crazy time dealing with them when they turn on you afterwards, so a bit of a tradeoff).

Did the devs fix this yet? Cause currently it does literaly nothing afaik.

Typical pve players
Storm ligth and ice bridge and fly bat killed the base defance of Conan. There is no meaning make pillar bases or anti climb when you can easy and cheap way pass them all and wipe a base whit 0 skills. …. And in cheapest way. Fly bat should cost at less 100x demon power to summon it that is the cost of. By pass anti climb

And frost beige to same cost

And storm at less 500 demon power it wipe all base in less 5m and I test it stil broken after the nerf.

Bridge really isn’t a issue since you can’t stack them anymore. Lighting just got nerfed so it probably isn’t as deadly. Build your pillar with a flat roof and load it with thralls, try to reduce the amount of areas a player can land from a bat.

LS stil op I try it

U can make as many thalls u want on roof. They go befor raid time and place tons of jars and Aktiv it all thrall die

I play This game from early access 2017 I have build many bases. I know how to defance me good but nothing works vs those broken stuff they add.

I’m just throwing out ideas. I agree defenses aren’t lacking big time

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Reveal Resources - this one is super meh. Especially for little experienced players who already know where all the resources are. It’s especially underwhelming considering you get it mid-way through sorcery. I don’t really have an idea how to make this more useful.

This spell could possibly be more useful if you could use it with the map as something already exists to see items close by. They are called glasses :rofl:

Frozen Bridge is a must-have if you want to meet the last descendant of Skelos in the heart of Volcano.

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