Visual effect to corruption

This is probably an odd one, but it sprung into my head a few minutes ago…

Would it be possible to add a visual effect to corruption? What I’m thinking, in the most basic sense right now, is that every step of corruption would make you look more and more tapped or withered, to the point where full corruption would make you look almost like one of the skeletons that roam around (not fully of course, but close)

This would add a way to identify spellcasters (to those who feel that being able to distinguish people based on what they do combatwise, or whatever it is, is important) for when sorcery is implemented :slight_smile: and it would generally give you the feel that corruption actually saps your lifeforce away, by the whole looking withered and frail ^^

Just an idea of course, but I think it would be great and fit quite well in the game :slight_smile:

Would, as stated i believe, generally add a whole new layer of immersion to the corruption system, perhaps even be a giant incentive to get rid of corruption for the people who don’t want their characters to look like a walking corpse, just to mention something that isn’t the obvious health and stamina debuffs :slight_smile: