A bit of Horror and discomfort

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today i wanted to speak a bit about corruption and his effect on us, poor exiles. (promise, i won’t speak about sorcery, because this is another topic^^)

If i remember correctly, back when the game wasn’t even in early access, Joel spoke about one of the corruption effect that was hallucination, horrorific vision and ghost spirit haunting the character.

Now that the game is 2 year later, we got the ghost, but they are more vision of the past, and way to grab bit of intel about what were the exiles land before the Human time arise, aswell as indication for the various emote found in game.

To me, the horror part was a sell point, because eh, i kindof like to scare myself^^

So it’s with that spirit that i would like to suggest that if a player is corrupted, he will start to have hallucinations, the shape of the world could change, maybe he could see creature that attack him but in reality doesn’t exist ?
Like ghost that he will try to hit but can’t, and they would attack him wisouth being physical in the world.
Maybe some shapeshifting creature in evil places such as black keep / the city with no name / Dregg / Ect…
Or even some vision change or lost (black & white vision ? perspective distorsion ? Human with horrible faces ?)

Of course the more corrupt a player is, the more hallucinations he would have, and would impact his vision of the land.

By set, that would be cool !


Maybe they didnt want to copy that much from Dont Starve :wink:

But: Where do you get so much corruption anyway? My biggest corruption was 1/4, when I was farming UC (where I get enough hearts anyway).
In Dont starve this is called “sanity” and it will drop on many actions (like killing)… But you only get corrupted in certain areas or from certain swords (or if you equip one of this meaningless weapon which corrupts you).

What my point is: In normal gameplay, you probably will never have such a high corruption, that you would see any effect.
So FC had to put in much work, for what benefit?

well it could scale depending on your level of corruption, let’s say if you have 1/4, that would provoque some light hallucination, like you see a squeleton every 5min but it’s not physical. maybe tune down your contrast ?

mid bar (the max in game) would change your colours setting, make horrible vision (jumpscare ?) and unreal monster

I know it represent some work for the dev’s and this is more about ambient, but hey, that’s why this is only a suggestion^^

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They could add benefits to having 3/4th corruption ect to make it feasible… but still think this is a great idea.

I would welcome scary things haunting the edge of my vision and possibly even knocking me around while having 1/2 or 3/4th corruption.

In about 1800 hours of playing I’ve had it happen maybe 3 times…

If you got 4/5ths corruption or higher might be interesting if your character spread mass hallucinations to people nearby… with the means to cure it with potions like the violet cureall


No. Corruption was suppose to be a sorcery thing. Right now corruption a useless debuff. You have no pros to your idea. There no stat boost for your horror.

while it’s true i don’t agree totaly. I’m curently playing the sink city and it use a lot of this vision mechanic. Something well designed won’t be as rough as staggeringbeauty (epileptic warning for the spoiler)

Meh :confused: why is it always have to be bonus/reward related ?

Appart from the fact that it would be a nice Narrative design choice, that rely aswell on the artistic direction of the game (a mature survival game) and emphase other game mechanic like undead pet or artifact hunt/red mother farm, adding a strong negative impact to corruption, that could affect the player beyond the boundary of a sinister dungeon could lead to a strong lorewise sorcery system.

Sometimes things are just negative, without any balancing factor. Getting poisoned is a negative debuff effect without anything positive to complement it. Getting hit on the head with a cudgel is negative. Drowning is negative. And exposure to magical radiation is negative. That’s a design feature, not a flaw.

My answer to that is this:

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hey i like this game ! look near 2:28^^

Problem with that is it lacks all the dlc and plan future stuff as well as pets.

never trust a guy who keeps his eyes closed while talking ^^

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