Opinions Wanted - Mod Plans

Hello all. I’m thinking about making a sorcery mod. Nothing fancy, very low-key and using almost all existing assets. It would have (if I can pull it off) the following: a necromancy summoning tree attribute line, a demonology summoning attribute line and a typical ranged-sorcery line. I want it to be a flavor mod, not a “sorcerers are all-powerful” mod.

The summoning lines will, with each cast, cause a bleed effect on the caster. Flesh of my Flesh type thing. But the attribute line will also increase vitality.

The “other” line will be more archery-ish, utilizing other effects as well. One of the plans, though, is to increase damage based on corruption (again, if I can figure it out). I’m thinking 20% ranged damage increase for every 10% corruption. It would promote the “powerful but physically weak” situation.

So, that all said, would you guys trade off damage for corruption? Or would you prefer the visuals of sorcery, but minus the extra facets of it?

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