[Mod] Sorcerery

Sorcerery Mod im working now ;)  Im open for you suggestion and ideas. Topic will be edited :wink:

— Attribute—

New attribute - inteligence/wisdom

More point in this attribute give you acces to magic but reduce your total stamina

Perks :

  1. Novice
  • give you acces to simple magic rittual.
  1. Adept
  • you can now use mistical items (rank 1)

  • pernament corruption lvl 1.

  1. Sorcererer
  • damage resistance reduction 10%

  • you can now use artifact items (rank 2)

  1. Ritualist
  • you can now craft ritual legendary items (rank 3)

  • corruption regenerate your health

  • damage resistance reduction 15%

  1. Master Sorcererer
  • you can now use ritual legendary items (rank 3)

  • corruption regenerate your health and stamina

— Skills —

Crafting stations - Unlock at trainer or maybe some obelisk (?).

  1. Novice sorcerer lab

  2. Sorcerer lab

  3. Ritualist sanctuary

Knowledge skills :

[Novice Magic]

  1. Light stone - use to have some light around you

  2. Simple heal - restore small amount of hp

  3. Transmute orb - crafting orb in hand

  4. Transmute simple spear - crafting stone spear

Andvenced magic/sorcerery based on some culture.

[Stygian Sorcerer]

  • most summoning ritual (demons)

  • necromancy summoning (from corpse like skeleton)

[Lemurian Mage]

[Dafari Shaman]

[Khitan wizard]

[Archeonian Caster]

[Aquilion Sage]

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Very nice ideas. There is at least one other magic mod (Acheronian Sorcery) that we are using that has some nice ideas (summon a local sandstorm, teleport, summoning undead, etc). If there is no conflict between the two we will try your’s when it’s done. :slight_smile: