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The Corruptor - Legendary, 2Handed-Sword, 45 Base dmg, 0 AP, has the ability to protect the user from corruption by soaking corruption up and becoming more powerful up to 102 dmg and 0 AP, and has its own corruption mist around it having the same affect the obelisks have when standing next to them. It loses 10 corruption per landed attack. When the sword has more than 50% corruption in it, it makes the player’s or thrall’s eyes glow purple. Every time the sword is used to attack it loses corruption and has its dmg decreased per landed attack until it is refilled.


Wouldn’t it be constantly recharging itself by its own mist? Sword corrupts user, user corrupts sword.

In a way, this would work similarly if not exactly like the Shenlong’s set (in relation to the resource generation aspect) in Diablo 3 with the exception that the weapon itself will generate the needed resource instead of the character; tho the character is utilised, as a lightning rod of some sort.

oh, nah, it only has the mist when it’s near fully charged and the mist dissipates as the weapon is used.

love this… added bonus for some interesting concepts… perhaps have it have a chance to transfer some of its corruption when fully charged… to the target or the wielder…. a random chance!

edit… i’d make this a one handed sword… and give it a matching armored glove that protects from the random chance to be corrupted by the blade… also perhaps give the pair the ability to activate a area of effect attack that uses large amounts of the blades corruption…

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