Voidforge sword - what's the secret?

Ok I learned a new recipe, voidgorge sword at tower of siptah. I run all the way back to base craft it, excited to see my new creation and so I wield it. Wah wah wah – heavy corruption reduces my health and stamina by 50%!!! It says it gives stamina regen, but what’s the point? Does anyone know if there is a way to remove the corruption effect or is this weapon really this useless?

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I haven’t tried it with this one, but the Warmaker’s Sanctuary Weapons that also give the wielder corruption can be wielded safely if you get to the fourth perk in Survival (Antidote of One). With those weapons (and corruption attacks from wights, Gravewalker etc) this perk makes you immune to the corruption. I’m guessing it’s probably the same with Voidforge Sword.

(But don’t try resetting your feats right now - there’s a bug with yellow lotus/potion of natural learning that can cause you to lose feats that don’t cost skill points - like that Voidforged Sword recipe.)


I have that sword on ps4 already have the health up first time I tried it.No corruption great weapon.

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No corruption? How did you manage that?

I think this is the answer to how to stop the corruption, you’ll need 40 points of survival for the perk

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