Voidforge Sword corruption


Bestows instant, heavy corruption.

This doesn’t happen with the Hammer or Greataxe variant. Bugged?

I asked that as well and I was told that it is intended.

So its stamina regen is useless like the sword at all?

I didn’t test the stamina regen, but I imagine it’s nothing to write home about. Swords are not so popular anyways, certainly not worth getting heavily corrupted, waiting for a dancer to lower it, then keeping it drawn the whole time (or fighting with half health and stamina for extra regen) I might test it out later and post the result. The damage is pretty good though.

I tested stamina regen with and without sword drawn.

Exactly the same amount of time, around 9 seconds while moderately encumbered, wearing heavy armor.

Yes it’s useless.

The pike and the mace are good though, I’ve been happy with those.

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