Voidforge weapons and their stats/effects

Just refreshing a question from a guy called SireneLoreley that unfortunetly got no answers so if anyone has some intel it would be great if u could share it! :

" Let’s discuss some new weapon that we can get in the Tower of Siptah. Their bonuses are not described, so there is what I’ve found for now:

  1. Bow: each shot removes 50 durability from your gloves
  2. Katana: when equipped, it slowly degrades durability (10 per second) unless you start to hit something, then it gains durability
  3. Pike: +2 str vit grit, looks like there is no jokes from devs
  4. Shield: +2 vit +2 grit (+3 if made with t4 armorer)
  5. Great Axe: +5 grit
  6. Greatsword: +6 agility
  7. Gladius: poisoned
  8. 1h sword: applies heavy corruption when pulled, but grants insane stamina regen


So now let’s get to some unknown stuff

  1. Battle axe: escalating. What is it? Increasing damage?
  2. Kris (daggers). Nimble? What is it supposed to be?
  3. Warhammer. Shieldbreaker?
  4. Mace: stun damage. Who ever asked that buff on a weapon with big damage?! I tried to KO some t4 thralls, it is literally impossible even with 10 str only and blunted fitting. Maybe I don’t get something?

Share your thoughts about last 4 weapons! "

Escalating: increase dmg for each consecutive hit, regardless of the target, there is probably a hidden buf that boosts the dmg but expires shortly or when you switch weapons. Deals less then 30 dmg with the boost I think.

Daggers without nimble - 4 full combo attacks, with nimble 12 full combo attacks. Clearly it’s related to stamina drain for attacks

Shieldbreaker for breaking the shield stance i think, not sure though and it doesn’t work anyway if that’s the case.

Stun damage: is oncusive damage close to a truncheon but will kill your target before you knock them because of the 50 base dmg the weapon has. Probably for pvp to drain stamina of your opponent.

I think the daggers are good because of nimble. Other than that they don’t look that interesting to me. I mainly use daggers or axe anyway and I’m pretty much set on feroxic because of their appearance and poison damage. But for mobs that are immune to poison, I might try the void daggers.

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