Warmaker Weapons grant instant corruption to bearer

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Region: NA

When I equip one of these two new weapons, I instantly gain corruption equal to half my health/stamina. Is this intended? Or are the weapons supposed to only corrupt their target, like the Yog’s Touch? They both say ‘corrupted’ in the description. Just looking for clarification because there seems to be an inconsistency in the description.

Thank you!


Hey @Biggins

This is intended. Mighty power comes at a price :slight_smile:


i put this hammer on my thrall and he dont have dmg with it. he hit with it to giant snake but no dmg, so i changed with one obsidian twohands sword and he beguns to have dmg as usual. My thrall is a relic hunter seeker (7500HP)

anyone have same problem with these corrupted weapons?

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Hey there @Fastorro, we’re aware of this particular issue and will look into it as soon as possible!

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you can’t corrupt what is already corrupted :smile: on the serious note, thanks for the report. have to test myself as well

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Just got it last night. Cool looking thing, not very good though.

Thanks for the response! I’m a bit confused still however. Mighty power? I mean, if I’m asking for a spoiler, then I understand not getting specific, but those two weapons are not all that ‘special’ when it comes to their damage output or armor pen. Blade of the Adventurer comes to mind for example, without the personal cost of 50% instant corruption. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks again!!


Curious myself :slight_smile:

As well i have made these weapons, the blackheart hammer and blade and they do no damage, tested with thralls and myself, and on skellies, humans and dragons, but they DO corrupt me to 50 percent. Very sad

Are you playing PvE or PvP? I’m PvE myself, but wondering if maybe they are particularly potent against enemy players. :man_shrugging:

Technically I’m PvP server, but I’m on a chillax server that encourages PvE. The PvP is open for friendly conflict and admin events.

So, basically you’ve made weapons for a dungeon boss that are nothing more than wall decorations. Cool, I guess?

Yeah, I’m gonna have to do some playing around with these things to get some answers apparently. There’s gotta be something unique about them, or their bugged, one of the two, because it makes zero sense to craft these things, have them instantly corrupt you 50%, and then not do anything, or do anything better than normal legendary weapons. If anyone finds something concrete, please share!

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It honestly surprised me that the crafted versions also corrupt you. Straight into the dismantling bench it went. What a waste.

I just threw mine on a pair of fighter thralls… but yeah, what a letdown after finishing the dungeon - well, like I said, unless there is some special purpose yet to be discovered. Until then, I’ll continue to believe this is a bug.

They don’t even work correctly on thralls. It wasn’t hyperbole, they are literally nothing more than decorations.

Oh holy crap! I hadn’t even had my thrall use one on an NPC, I thought you were kidding around. Dang! Gonna go throw those in the dismantling bench now! Sheesh…

that’s worse than unarmed, they don’t do damage in the hands of thralls.


Thanks for referencing that thread! Hugo’s response just adds more fuel to the confusion. If they are intended to only be wielded by players, and intended to give instant 50% corruption, what’s the tradeoff? They are no better than multiple legendary weapons out there that can be obtained or crafted, all without taking corruption, some of which have better damage and armor pen stats. sigh