Blackheart Hammer bugged?

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Is this supposed to instantly give you full corruption?
Also when I put it on my slave, he does no damage with it a lot of the time.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip Blackheart Hammer
  2. Gain full corruption instantly

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip Blackheart Hammer on Thrall
  2. Thrall fights with it, but does no damage often

Hello @idjiit, thank you for getting in touch!

The item is behaving as expected when you equip it, however, it seems that thralls can’t handle it that well, so we’ll be sending note to the dev team to look into that!


Thanks for the reply. Also I don’t know if they do no damage all the time, I only noticed when they went against a mob solo and that happened 3 times. Could have been more, as I was super tired and didn’t pay attention to it, but I did notice it seemed to do pretty low damage with it generally, so maybe it was actually none :slight_smile:

@Hugo I myself am really enjoying the introduction of new mechanics and expanding uses for current mechanics. It adds more depth and I thank the team for their hard work. I also understand nobody is perfect and adding complexity can result in mistakes.

We would LOVE some follow-up in the future on this topic and maybe reveal the intended behavior? You have clearly stated the current behavior, but a little more on if this is for sure a mistake or not would be nice when you have an answer from the team. It would help us more clearly understand this new mechanic.

Hey @Ranson, no problem at all!

Both the Blackheart Blade and Hammer are similar to two other weapons dropped by the Champion of the Warmaker, except that they have lower stats. It might not be as obvious by their description, but they also imitate the fact that “unworthy wielders may not be able to wield them as weapons” ( as per the description ), meaning that thralls should be unable to use them properly, which is intended.

In short, the Blackheart weapons and the Warmaker’s are not intended to be wielded by thralls, so dealing no damage is the intended behaviour.


I don’t mind that they can’t be used by thralls, but since you can craft it without having the Warmaker’s hammer drop, I think it should be included in the description.


And with them making you instantly fully corrupted, they’re clearly not intended to be used by players. So, why are they even in the game?


So it’s not the blackheart hammer, but I played around with Ranissan last night and as long as you equip it and clean the corruption, it does not return on re-equipping. I’m not certain if this is intended or not but seems like a pretty simple answer.

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