Warmaker Weapons

Why do the recent weapons from the Warmaker update give the user corruption? Blackheart Blade, Blackheart Hammer, Carnage. The only ones I’ve tried so far and they all give me Heavy Corruption. Why does it give me corruption if I’m using it?

i suspect a new mechanic we have yet to decode

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I would agree that it seems like another thrall weapon, but then that poses the question of are the reports of them not doing damage erroneous? is this a bug? or intended behavior for that weapon therefore eliminating it as a thrall weapon?


Yeah, I dropped one on a T4 fighter from the volcano (the hammer) and it was hitting like it was unarmed. Laughable, in a sad kind of way.

Right now, I think the only use for those weapons are as decoration for your wall.

some of the new armor or a combination of it or something, seems to remove corruption… But we haven’t figured out if it was a bug or what was going on yet

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I believe one of the Godbreaker armor pieces removes corruption, but unless it completely removes all corruption instantly, there’s no way it can compensate for the weapon. (Equiping one of those weapons maxes out your corruption in one tick)

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We only have some pieces of rusted and champions. and I know. We made the maul. it’s chilling in a chest now :frowning:

But I’m still guessing it has something to do with that armor mechanic. Obviously if it keeps giving you full corruption every time you equip the weapon and you have to wait for it to disappear every time, it will suck… the ticks for removing it was pretty slow for the armor pieces we had… Maybe you need to have full set or something.

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Not sure how they perform with players, but they are for certain terrible on thralls. Something is borked with their damage output, but I’m not holding out hope it’ll be fixed.

Yeah, in multiple fight my slave did zero damage with it. Not sure if it was all the time, didn’t care to test it more.

To me, it looked like he was doing unarmed damage. Didn’t test extensively though.

2 times we were watching him hit a mob solo for 30 seconds and the health bar didn’t go down at all.

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I guess we’ll just have wait patiently for the official “working as intended” response. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I asked in another thread (in the ps4 forum), they said the corruption is intentional, but the thrall damage isn’t :slight_smile:

Does their damage scale based on corruption? Does taking a dancer thrall with you have any affect on using the weapon?

can u link that where is says the “not damaging when equipped by thrall is a bug” please?


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