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[I’ve been at Warmaker Dungen for the last two days and farmed legendary weapons there. But only now did I notice that these weapons do 0% damage in the hands of my T4 Thralls.
I’ve tried different weapons, such as Annihilater, Blackheart Blade, and Blackheart Blade.

Even if only 1% Hp is left and my Thrall continues to attack, nothing happens.This is very annoying, because the Hp fall from my Thrall and I always have to be really careful.

This problem is even worse with the Arena Champion, where I lost Dalinsia Snowhunter.
I’ve fought against dragons and undead dragons with her, but I lost her against the arena champion. I am sure that her HP was forgotten to reduce in the last update.]

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She is not a boss, only a miniboss. She wasn’t meant to be nerfed. And the problem you describe is a known thing. Blackheart blade and the hammer (I forgot the name) don’t do damage in the hand of thralls. Didn’t know about the annihilator though

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Hey @Fieldbreaker

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our team so they can look into it.

my Dalinsia uses the anihilator with the master weapon fitting on it and it does do damage.
i dont know about the blackheart weapons since i dont use them.

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Thralls cannot use corrupted weapons. You can’t even use them unless you are wearing specific armor. Here’s a guide from last year by @Wak4863


You can actually use it as a player but it’s only viable with 40 survival. Otherwise you just lose half your HP and stam due to corruption

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