Warmaker's Sanctuary arena champion

Good evening, me and a friend of mine (followed by our nominal fighters) we went for five times, since the dlc came out, in the new dungeon “warmaker sanctuary” to get the “armor scraps”. Until Friday, everything was fine, on Saturday we returned and in three strokes the champion of the arena killed me, my friend and our nominated fighters. is it a bug?

It’s not a bug. The arena champion has slain all that stand in her way. Don’t be fooled by her beauty she can slay you in 2 hits. She is to be feared and respected for the warrior she is.

ok, but for five times we didn’t suffer any death, that is we killed her within five minutes (both me, my friend and the two nominal fighters with the Telith’s Sorrow enhanced with the Advanced Weapon Damage Kit

… sorry if I interrupt, but just now my heart beats twice as fast and my body
is sweating a little bit. But i think now, to survive the arena, i need a little bit
help, someone who carries my healing potion and ambrosia in addition, a
thrall with backpack, no, better, a big elephant, or two,
… I must think about it …

Good luck to you! :+1:

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You could bring healing arrows to heal up the thralls and let them do the work. I never take her on. She’s pretty bad when she agrroes on you. I use whirlwind blades to pop in a stack of bleed here and there. She’s goes down quick


For five times we used this strategy or to give him the first shots, then when one of us ended the resistance he went away and threw one or two healing arrows and returned to the attack and I repeat without suffering deaths.

Hello @cambonimonse89, the champion can hit quite hard, without knowing how well equipped you were and what game mode or server type you’re playing on, it can be hard to tell if you took the expected amount of damage or not.

sorry, my fault that I didn’t write it at the beginning, we are on the official server # 3017, my friend and I are at level 60, we two and our nominated fighters are equipped with the armor of the silent legion and with Telith’s Sorrow enhanced with the Advanced Weapon Damage Kit.

the champion can kill you in 2-3 hits even with silent legion armor. happend to me twice. Silent legion is also not the best in terms of damage reduction.

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@Novikthewise you must excuse me, for five times we went to the champion of the arena, she gave us a shot and did not take even a tenth of her life, now instead a blow and takes away half life.

in has been this way to me since the dungeon was released. Its intended this way

The current damage seems to be according to what’s expected, it’s definitely strange that the champion didn’t do as much damage before as now, should it happen again please let us know about it as we don’t believe we’ve come across that behavior before.

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