Warmakers sanctum PvE oversighr

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Misc
Region: oceanic

Currently stuck in the dungeon because I can’t loot my clan mate’s body. He died in at the arena champion, but he had all the keys on him for all of the doors, now I am able to leave the dungeon until he can work his way back to me. This may cause issues beyond this down the track

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Hello @Tytan, thank you for bringing up this issue!

We’ve just sent word to our developers to look into it, apologies for the inconvenience!

Thanks, also pass on that ks for an awesome challenging dungeon, it is frustrating as hell and had me pulling (what is left of) my hair out trying to get through there, I loved it

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If your’e fast (and have backup gear), you can kill the first bosses before your gear disappears. And you get to keep the Inner Sanctum Key, so it’s not that bad down the road, when you have backup keys. But yeah it’s a pretty unpleasant surprise first time there.

Nice with a bit of a challenge though. The Arena Champion pretty much one-shotted me in Epic Flawless Medium Armor o.O

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That is exactly what happen to my clan mate, arena champion is strong

I died in trap area, went to go get body. You need a key… Couldnt get past the room with the map and statuetts

Can’t believe you have’t fixed this yet. If the plan was to strip people of their gear, you were successful.

This kinda killed the game for me. Not farming for those legendary items again. Good job.

everything has not to be easy, there is nothing to change, warmaker dungeon is working very well. at first attempt you will probably loose your gear, i lost it first time. but you will learn to become better with others attempts. this is the way warmaker dungeon is working, this is the way that all dungeons should works… and not have challenging dungeon where you are not killed, and not loose anything if you fail.

i now kill solo very easily all warmaker boss and farm them, i kill the champion in arena with a thrall and the good gear in 3 mn, because i learned how to do it. this is what bring interest to a game.

so please don’t change anything to do this dungeon, and if you have to change something make it harder.


I don’t understand the complaints. Finally we have a dungeon that gives Level 60 Players with endgame gear and thralls a challenge.Like it is advertised!! None of the others did so far. I took a friend of mine to the Sunken City. We steamrolled to all the rooms where our thralls did all the work and we could sit back with some popcorn.
The Arena Champion is the first boss in the game that even a volcano fighter has a hard time beating alone. I had to pull mine out the first time. In a few hits he was down to 50% HP.

My Kithis Fleshtearer in epic cimmerian steel armor i just farmed from Mounds of the dead and a blade of the adventurer is enough to let him beat every world boss alone. Red Mother Dragon? piece of cake! Rotbranch? Piece of cake. King Scorpion? pfffft. Hive queen? yawn!!

So please don’t make it easier. I do this dungeon alone.

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The problem I have isn’t the how hard the game is, it’s just as the OP said…

Where did the statues that I just placed into the map room go? I died and lost mine and my thrall’s gear because I played it a little too dangerous and thought I’d be able to get back in.

I don’t understand why people think they have to add more into the post than is needed and turning a legitimate issue into something else like saying don’t make the dungeon easier…where’d that come from?

Ya’ll should start a new post about ‘not making this dungeon easier’, instead of posting it here.

the dungeon works as intended. If you don’t like it than thats your problem. The statues will dissapear shortly after you used them. That is intended. Just because you don’t like how the dungeon works doesn’t mean its broken.

And my post was adressed to the person who complaint that this is not been “fixed” yet. there is nothing to fix because the dungeon is designed to punish you when you fail.

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That’s weird, if this dungeon is working as intended as you claim (since your work for Funcom and have inside details that we all don’t I guess…), then why in the post above is Hugo sending work to the developers to look into this?

I’m not here to ‘poke’ at people and start crap, I just can’t stand it when people ‘claim’ their thoughts/feelings as truth on Funcom’s behalf, as if Funcom is some helpless babe that’s needs others to come up with excuse’s and defend them.

We all have our opinions and are free to say what we want, and I’m glad for that, I just wished people would stop posting that their opinions are Funcom facts…unless there is a link/source to back that up of course.

Funcom may have indeed posted somewhere that what your saying is true, but without a link/source I’m a little leary just accepting what I read here at face value.

Looking into why the body of his clan mate could not be looted is something different than: The statues vanished how can this be? Well that can be because you are not alone on the server an other want to place the statues they got from the bosses themself and don’t see where they have to put these? Its suppose to be a riddle where you have to figure out where to place them. Thats why they vanish.

Why are you bringing a friend and thralls if you supposedly want a challenge?