The Warmaker’s Sanctuary (Disappointed)

I just played the new dungeon, solo… And must say, it’s fcking nightmare. I reached all the way at the end and got trapped and died… Then had to respawn and collect all the statues AGAIN to get in and collect my loot… Died again, then server restart and lost all my sht… What a big waste of my time. The respawn after death and having to collect the statues again just to get to your body is fcking rtarded. This bs is just too much time consuming. This was the last straw for me.


The dungeon is not meant to be done solo.

Your fault.


Pretty sure they mentioned its not really for solo play. We did it a as a foursome and it wasn’t easy with four of us and four following thralls. I loved it. The trap area is great, very innovative. When our lead stepped on that first stone and was shot into the air we died laughing.

Yes, of course it is doable solo. Funcom did not suggest doing it solo though.

The traps are nice (compared to the EA traps in the Black Keep, cough).

And about the armor, yes, I already suggested some kind of immunity against bleed and poison (since it is heavy and you usually do not hit the skin directly (this would open an option for a new agility perk…)). Not sure about gas clouds though…

The new specter “poison” is also nasty. You simply can’t remove it…

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You can farm that specter stuff in Mounds of the Dead. The cimmerians drop it sometimes.

Those specter “poison” potions are heavy though.

The Arena Champion was MIA on our first run thru, possibly an earlier group had pulled her away. We did a second run and there she was, waiting. To say she was tough is like saying the corrupted wolf eats noobs for breakfast. She was great, loved that fight. I would love to see a lot more NPC bosses with this hard to kill AI skillset, it really adds to the game.

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Too bad you can just unlock the recipe without having to go to the cave. Oopsie. And all the bosses drop black blood, so our pal is setting up some serious Earthworks over there. I took an early night because my ping was bad, and I wanted to conserve energy to help him with mats today.

Like @SirDaveWolf said, the dungeons have been problematic to say the least. I waited until June of 2018 to go to the Dregs, considering the changes and inconsistencies. Usually I like to wait for things to stabilize before I go in there, especially if I’m making a movie or a guide. Is it fun enough to jump in? I’m doing things differently on this server, so I’m mostly “why not?” this go 'round.

If I were you and had an actual permanent base, I’d extend my perimeter with flanks of drawbridges.

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Damn I need to catch meself some thick Berserkers or even a T4 bearer. Those bosses hit hard.

I must be missing something, but last time I checked healing arrows created an AoE cloud healing friends and foes alike. This way you would be healing boss alongside your thrall.

While I hate blocking this type of content off on a gamer level. I would gladly take this approach to stop the acid arrows. These are a stupid addition to the game.

I’m just happy someone nefarious didn’t take advantage of summer and landclaim this for their tribe. Woe is us. TBH, I’m not the owner of the walling/landclaim in this instance. If someone drops on and uses these things on anyone on the server I will be given access to this zone and all heavens will rain on the offender. So it isn’t walling off per se, it’s protecting the server from my preventatively annihilating any newcomer. :wink:

These simply can’t be as intended.

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As mentioned in a previous thread. If I have to come home from work each night and dress up my thrall Barbies in different fashions each night or place them in my doll house when I go to bed, eat dinner or have a social life. There are plenty of games that offer this.

And no. They can’t be as intended. Unless their goal is to use them to remove the epic Cimmerian heavy armor people were harvesting from the mounds. Which is mostly broken and would disintigrate with a few arrows to correct the drop rate that was never intended. Then rebalance the arrows after the fact.

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That is an interesting observation. I ascribed it to “Liquid Plum’r” for servers elsewhere, so good on you!

What we need to do is scuttle our plans and push our perimeters outward. I think I’ll do it with drawbridges.

ETA: This will allow me to spend quality time in the Warmaker’s Sanctuary.

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While the T4 bearers still have the highest Hp, they have nerfed their damage output.
My T4 bearer in heavy epic flawless armor and damage upgraded Blade of the Adventurer can hardly take out a world boss anymore, he used to lose maybe 1500-2000 hp when soloing a boss, but now I have to heal him several times during a fight, I would go for a T4 relic hunter or a named fighter from vulcano :slight_smile:


For the record, Damage Per Second looks like it was changed dramatically. In raw numbers (because there’s not been enough time to formulate actual datasets) a 65000 HP boss takes 5 minutes now. It took 2 minutes before the Warmaker Patch. A T4 Bearer went from putting out 542 DPS to 216 DPS.

In other words, I would not take my valuable Bearer into the Warmaker’s Sanctuary. I would probably take somebody quick and reliable, like Luba the Luscious.


Wow thats so selfish and greedy from you :see_no_evil:

How will you know who used them? Willit say killed by Acid Arrow in Event Log?

so i could have a noob log on drop the bombs, go grab the recipe, and you would never know? the noob is only there for the purpose of getting thru your “blockade”.

And If i am you enemies, i hope you spend all your time babysitting that area.

Just saying, it is not as easy as telling someone what to do on an official. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Bye Felicia.