Sooo... the Arena Champion steals all your stuff effect

Sooo… doing the Warmaker’s Dungeon, first time. Get to the Arena Champion and she one hits me, no warning, I am in full Flawless Heavy armor with extra plating, vitality buffed, full health. One hit and dead. I respawn, but now I have to fight through 4 tough bosses to get back to my corpse position because I need the 4 keys to open 2 doors. Couldn’t do it. So I lost;

The Annihilator
Tormentor Reagan
Derketo’s Voice
The Nemedian
Black Dragon Pike
Act of Violence
4 Skeleton Keys

Lot’s more flawless, and adventuring kit., but that is the legendary stuff lost.

I see there was a respawn outside the doors you can’t get through, not sure what good that does. You have no weapons or armor. So why make a NPC that one hits players and sends them outside 2 doors that require 4 key drops (or figurines) to open. I mean where is the challenge there? Oops you died to the secret one-hit boss and the game stole all your stuff. Ha-ha. ROFLMAO!

If the boss one-hit kills you shouldn’t you respawn in that dungeon where your corpse is? I mean maybe the Arena Champion should not be behind so many locked doors? Just a suggestion call it a ‘Quality of Life’ fix.

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First of all, yeah, it sucks to lose all of your stuff. I’ve had it happen to me on a few occasions and it’s a bummer.

That said, here’s what my time in this game taught me about exploring new dungeons:

  • Dying in a dungeon will give you an option to restart at the beginning of it. Never in the middle, always at the beginning.
  • If there is a closed passage at the beginning that opens while you’re traversing the dungeon, that passage might close when you respawn at the beginning.
  • If there is a locked door, it will remain locked during the traversal.
  • Exploring a new dungeon is risky. The first time I go to a dungeon, I should either go with other players or leave hard-to-replace gear (and followers) at home.
  • If I’m soloing a new dungeon, I have to prepare for dying. That means that I should grind up spare keys and have them ready – either in a chest at home or in a follower stationed near the entrance.

Like I said, I agree with you that losing gear sucks. What I wrote above is meant to be friendly advice, so you can avoid having that happen too often.

Just out of curiosity, though: why were you carrying a Purge-only taskmaster into a dungeon?!


Yeah, you’ve hit upon a fatal flaw in all the dungeons in this game.

When I run a dungeon for the first time I use a character I’ve created on the single-player server. I dress this character in the same armor with the same weapon and the same thrall I’d use on the official server and set things so that I don’t drop my gear on death. After I’ve learned how to complete the dungeon, I then run it on the official server.

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For what it is worth, there is a crack in the wall that lets you crawl in without a second Key to the Arena, so the one you really need a backup of near your bed/bedroll is the Inner Sanctum key as the Warmaker’s key can be grabbed from the open chest in front of the first door.

Edit: No longer present for some reason, sorry.

You’re right, though, there isn’t much warning you’re about to fight the toughest boss in the game with no backup plan and that’s pretty harsh.


Worst part is, unless you want armor scraps, there’s absolutely no reason to do the last 2 bosses

Well this is pretty much THE reason to fight those two.

You don’t need to fight any of the two bosses to get armor scraps. Just hug the wall as you run around the circumference of the dungeon to the next hallway that opens to an armor scrap chest. Yeah, it may take you longer to get all the scraps you need without getting the drops. But the drops aren’t all that great anyway.

she didnt used to be so hard, shes buff now.

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Just use healing arrows on your thrall, bring a lot though. I consider anything that one-hit kills as broken. They can do that, but if it was the other way around where my character could one-hit kill bosses it would be removed from the game.

Dude i feel you, i realy do. Sometimes in this game, knoledge trip seems so hard and unfair. I remember about 11 months ago i was exploring the world as a new player, the weapon i was using it was the 2 handed sword and nothing else. This ofcurse make me vulnerable in to dungeons, because i had to hold a torch. Anyway at this time i was in love with bearers, i had a tier 3 bearer - female always- to follow me on every trip i was making, she was my best friend back then :slight_smile:. On my trip one day i found my self inside the silver mines. It was dark so i took my bearers shield to hold it with the torch… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: It didn’t work so i just hold the torch. The big scorpions at this time looked so difficult enemies, but my bearer was taking care of them easily, another reason to be in love with my bearer. I started to mine the silver exited with my brand new steel pick… Stone, stone, stone, stone, silverstone, yeeeee. Being 20 min in the dungeon my torch broke, no fiber, noooo, i have to find my way out. 30 min to go out but alive, yes. Still i didnt explore everything, so if 2 more torches and back to the mine. At the ‘end’ of the crystals shining, oh there is more, beautiful, i felt pro player, i discover hidden path. Going down this path, sandstorm, aha i have my mask, but how come sandstorm inside here, unfair. Stop for awile till it’s gone. Down finally and oo lala more silver, oh and more scorpions and… What’s this scorpion… One hit… Respawn at… WHERE DID I PUT MY F… NG BEDROLL - to the bed anyway. Safe option, but no i want my things back and most of all my beloved bearer. I run with everything i found to wear in the house to take back my valuables, but no i need food, go back take food and waterskin… and maybe a weapon, yes, one handed this time to hold a torch, yea i learn more, i am pro, now run to the silver mine, but where is the silver mine, where did i die? Oh look at the map, yes, i found my monument, yes, this way Stelios you can do it, what’s this grey hyena… Respawn at… This time i take bedrolls too, once again, map… Oh no my monument is elsewhere now, s… t, read the map, yes yes, yes, oh silver mines, i found it. Run, you can do it, save your bearer and take back what’s yours. Finally out of the mine, alive, go in dude you can do it, now, Forrest Gump method, run Forrest, so i made it, i found my bearer fighting an unfair fight, so she died… Still i can take my valuable, from her, run Forrest, yes i took them, maybe my armor too, yes good idea, it is a heavy armor after all dressed with twine and fiber reinforce, it is valuable, yes i want it back, run Forrest, circles to draw the scorpions away, from my body, made it i am pro, yes, loot now… Over encumbered, oh s…t, what do i drop, this i want, this i need… Respawn at… I quiiiiite, no way, i quit stupid game, stupid game, i quit.
No i didn’t, i was really upset at this time, but i didn’t, i just keep playing to find out that the things i lost this day was nothing compare to what i gain… Knowledge. Yes this is the message of that game . This i feel that the creator of the game wants to tell us, no matter what you loose at the end you will gain the most valuable of all, knowledge. Loosing all this valuables my dear friend it’s nothing compare to the knowledge you gain, i know i sound silly right now but keep playing, have fun.


Well that’s what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

That boss is mandatory LFG. Without someone in there who has the keys to go back through and open the doors so you can burst to your body (because all your keys are on the body) it’s fail on delivery. I suppose you could kill the key drops up to the Arena champion, take them out and put them in a chest near the entrance, go back in and repeat. Then when she drops one of her 2K after armor hits on you, grab the extras and sped back to the body but that’s really stretching stupid.

I’ve watched her chunk down high health thralls. Unless you wanted to run around like an idiot for 45 minutes pooping arrows at her, there is no chance of beating her. Often meant to skirt around to the recipes and other exit and see if she can’t be ignored completely with how borked the hits are.

I feel for you Bladesaint. I have previously suggested that we should either have checkpoints in dungeons, or be able to build Bedrolls, and only Bedrolls in them. While I can place Bedrolls in the Warmakers Sanctuary in Offline Singleplayer mode, I know that officials dont have this good fortune. If you do decide to persevere against the Watmakers Champion, my advice would be to use a weapon with high armour penetration and/or make use of a Shield. Good luck.

BofA and SoC, among others, have Sunder and I’ve been thinking about giving her a whirl. Do you think a mace (1H), a sword (1H) or a greatsword (2H) could be used effectively as a tenderizer?

Also, do you have a readout on which weapon in particular she uses?

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I have bad news: SoC doesn’t have sunder anymore. I’ve even reported a bug about the misleading blue trail when using the overhead chop.

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Ohhhhh we can’t have nice things. I’m just going to check every weapon I use from now on. Thanks for the heads up. (Dungeon plans postponed :bongocat:)

Can confirm. Blade of Seven winds is not enough damage

This is only my own subjective experience here, and for the record a considerable period of time has now elapsed since I ran the Warmakers Sanctuary (It is not that its bad, I have just obtsined all unique loot). However, I have found that some, but not all attacks can be blocked on my Singleplayer game. For example the dash attacks. The trick I find is working out which ones to block and which ones to dodge.

Still dont have both weapons from the final endboss… Kill him pretty often for the scraps :smiley:

Do you know if this is still viable? I was just in there last night and it looked like that crack was now filled in with ice.

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