Soloing Warmaker's Sanctuary (Spoilers)

For those folks who are having trouble soloing the new dungeon, I thought I’d offer some suggestions and hopefully others will contribute as well. So, off the top of my head:

  1. Be prepared. Have a T4 thrall, preferably from the Volcano and deck them out in the best epic armor and weapon you have available. Use potions / fish for buffs. Bring healing arrows (and regular ones), heal pots, bandages, aloe soup and tea. You may also want to bring a Heart of a Hero because corruption is a thing there. (side note: if you find a weapon with the “Corruption” attribute, it may corrupt YOU when you equip it. You try out that nifty sword that dropped, and you’ll be fully corrupted within a second.)

  2. If it’s your first time through, be patient and take your time. Just running amok, particularly in the second part of the dungeon (after the statues), will get you killed. Save the idea of speed runs for when you get your bearings.

  3. Do not go into this dungeon thinking you’re going to face-tank these bosses yourself. Your thrall is the tank, you are support. That said, I’d still recommend wearing heavy and adjusting your spec accordingly. Your thrall should be doing the heavy lifting here, but the Champion hits like a truck. If you make a mistake in melee range, miss a dodge and it connects with you, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up dead if you’re wearing a bathrobe.

  4. Because of how the thrall AI works, range pull the bosses with a bow. Then equip a shield and put it up. Your thrall may be able to intercept the boss as it runs towards you, but if it doesn’t, give it a moment, let the boss beat on your shield until your thrall gets aggro. Then back away, and let the thrall do its thing for a bit. If you feel compelled to jump in, try not to get cleaved.

  5. When you’re at the point where you’re doing the statues, collect each statue and place them all at the same time. Those statues will despawn. Doing them one at a time is asking to be frustrated. As to where to place them, if you know anything about the game’s lore and who the Warmaker, Archivist and Priestking are and what their groove is, where to place the statues is very straight-forward. If not, well, there’s always YouTube I guess.

  6. There are traps (spike traps, gas and explosive mines, pressure plates). You can sprint through the spikes, but try to find safe areas and pull mobs to them from range, rather than just running up and beating them over the head. Trying to dodge and backflip all over the place will probably end up with you setting off every trap in the area, and that won’t end well for you. Note the spikes put a stacking effect on you, similar to a bleed. Hitting one is no big thing. Triggering a bunch in a short time is bad news.

  7. There is an undead dragon in there, but you don’t need to skip him. He’s busy fighting some elite shalebacks, so let them work him down a bit. He’s entirely doable, but exercise restraint. If you just run in there screaming KILL ALL THE THINGS then you’re going to get a one-way trip back to the beginning of the dungeon.

  8. The final boss also hits like a truck, and has “phases” to his attacks. The good news is that he’s slow and not just a little bit stupid. Sometimes he needs to take a break and contemplate the nature of the multiverse. Use that to your advantage.

  9. Lastly, if your goal is the Godbreaker armor, it will require 70 (I think) scraps. This is not going to be a one-and-done dungeon like the Dregs. Go in with the expectation that you’re going to be a regular visitor and plan accordingly. Good luck!


If you’re adept at the “bob and weave” style of combat in light or medium armor, I can see that working. Folks just need to understand if they make a mistake, it’s really going to hurt.

The tip about the keys is a good one; however, keep in mind you’ll have to leave the dungeon and in SP that means the whole thing resets.

A few more general tips:

Don’t fight the first boss near the walls in the hallway there. I’ve found you can knock him back inside the wall, and there he will remain, stuck and unkillable.

After killing the Arena Champion, don’t forget to get her armor recipe. It’s not in the room where you fight her, it’s in the hallway off to the side (look for the serpentmen).

There are four rusty keys in chests along the way to the final boss. When you see stairs, climb them and look around. Watch for traps! In one case, however, you’ll need to use a pressure plate to launch yourself on to the upper platform where there’s a chest with a rusty key. To infinity and beyond!

Note: Folks are claiming there are 5 rusty keys. Haven’t stumbled across the 5th yet, and there’s only 4 doors to open, so not sure how useful a “spare” would be.

In the fight with the final boss, there are traps scattered around. Resist the urge to blindly run all over the place with him. You really don’t need to. He is slow and ponderous. After he’s dead, armor and weapon recipies are in his room, and the rusty keys open the side rooms with chests that have more armor scraps. Prepare to be disappointed, you’ll only get a few (or one) per chest. The devs are stingy.


Not a pro at this so I hope this doesn’t sound stupid… how would one use healing arrows in this dungeon?

healing arrows make a cloud like poison but it heals (ur thrall)

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I have seen some say it will also heal whatever my thrall is fighting as well since it’s an aoe.

They will only heal your thrall (and you, if you’re nearby). Healing arrows won’t heal enemy NPCs.

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Keep in mind that healing arrows only work on thralls, not pets. Folks have also been reporting problems using them to heal entertainers. You shouldn’t have any problems healing fighters with them.


Yep, found out the hard way with the pets. Took Kong (silverback) with me to kill the dragon in unamed city, and Godzilla completely Pwnd King Kong. Almost lost my pet because healing arrows dont work on them.

heya first i wanna say thx for the suggestions, it helped alot on my first run. i wanted to mention that you can loot 5 rusted keys from the chests and there are 4 doors that you can open with it at the boss “arena”

The speed of the dodge in light armor is, dare I say it, a bit op. Now that daggers have been buffed it’s a very potent combination for pve at the least.

I wanted to add two things. I generally use hearty stew and herbal tea for heals and always have 40 vitality for the boost to healing. There may be better combos now but I’ve been slack about testing things lately and those two are the best healing combo that I’m aware of. Also when wearing light armor you can add in a medium helmet for a little extra protection and/or to boost a different stat without losing the light armor dodge. While this also works with medium boots or gloves the helm will have better stats.

Edit: Not saying hearty stew is better than the Jhebbal feast. But if someone doesn’t have a Jhebbal shrine or materials to make the feast then the hearty stew could be a good compromise.

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There is apparently a medium helmet you can get that repairs your weapon/tools every time you take damage too.


I have just come here to ask advice on this exact topic! Thank you everyone !!


Do you know the name of the helmet?

Nemedian helmet

I haven’t tested it myself. I just saw this video:


There are actually 5 keys, which is odd as there are only 4 doors for them.

The weapon repairing rate doesn’t seem cost-effective; your clothes end up taking more damage than the hat repairs your armor, so repairing your weapon by taking blows to your face isn’t actually overpowered at all, considering that the hat itself is legendary and can be repaired only with a legendary armor repair kit.

Any damage counts even damage that does no armor damage. Just go to the Volcano and stand next to some lava, and you will repair your weapons for free from the temperature damage alone.


Well that’s handy, then. Going to get me a fancy hat and go dancing on the Bridge of the Betrayer wearing nothing but the hat.

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and a smile