Me Conan need new strategy

What I’m doing isn’t working. I’m at lvl 53 running SP

I enter the city and immediately I’m attacked by the various bandits and prowlers.

If I stand my ground, I’m overrun.

But if I run its worse, because they trigger aggro on ALL npc’s. So when I try to fight one or two prowlers and I want to withdraw and regroup: suddenly eight npc’s are trying to murder me.

I’ve used a thrall to help, it only prolongs the inevitable.
I’ve tried sticking to the rooftops and lobbing bombs but they don’t do nearly enough damage and have accuracy comparable to a drunken monkey flinging its own poo.

Because I’m on the PlayStation, switching weapons or activating healing items in combat is borderline suicidal, never mind if you actually need to access your inventory. Which means that if you try to capture a thrall, you usually wind up trying (and failing) to bludgeon the entire lot.

I’m running flawless Dark templar heavy armor and either an atlantean two handed sword modded for damage or a khopesh with same.

If anyone could either please tell me what I’m doing wrong or offer their own strategies that would be great.

Because I’m this close to writing off that entire damned city and thrall hunting elsewhere for tier 4.

Thank you!

Try equiping your thrall with truncheon and using blunted arrows with any tier bow.
If there’s too many enemies there’s some good places you can run away. Roofs may help but it will be hard to climb with group of fighters after you so I recommend using water. NPCs can’t swim and from what I remember there’s almost 0 or none archers in Sepermeru.
So you will be able to heal up and throw off aggro of npcs.
If it’s really hard to fight groups of enemies just stick to rooftops and use blunted arrows.
They’re extremely cheap to make. You can find them in your feats.

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If it doesn’t help you can try other farming places. For example Derketo trainer place spawns some t4 crafters and have low lvl npcs. Plus some places you can climb and shoot from.
Sepermeru and Asgard are npcs heavy and probably very hard to farm in for new players.

I’ve spent time there actually trying to farm thralls. Can’t seem to find the t4’s but I’ll try again.

right behind the place where prowlers r is water… u can always run this direction and find safe in water…
in time some will loose aggro… u can then exit and farm the remaining 2-3(for example that will loose aggro last ) i prefer killing the archers 1st…

rinse and repeat… also helps if u use a weapon with hyperarmour (like axe or warhammer ) that cannot be stopped…

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I know the location you’re talking about. Died there a few times. You’re absolutely right about the water escape I’ve used it. What’s been happening is that I can’t kill them fast enough. I wind up needing to run and they get all their hp back.

I hadn’t thought of using sunder though. I plan on making my t4 warrior a warhammer and either augment to be lighter for more speed or heavier for more damage.

By the way, can you change a lethal weapon to non lethal with that blunt enhancement? Or put two enhancements on the same item?


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no u cannot change a weapon to a blunt type dmg and keep it effective as a blunt tool…

btw can u share some more details about what ur build and what armour and weapons u use?
maybe i could help by pointing out what u need to have on u and how to react… i kill those alone with no thrall in a fighter build , but must adapt to picking one at a time on hmy harvester build…

some more info (like ur level , ur attributes and ur weapons and armour would help to point some stuff that could try to make things easier to u

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Sure. I’m running pve solo, I’m level 53. I’ve poured all my points into str, vit and endurance unlocking level 3 perks.

I’ve access to all dlc except the riddle of steel. I’ve got 4 named fighters at my disposal.

So I’m happy to try any combination of arms & armour, I have no preference.

try using best heavy armor you can get. It should work best for pve solo play.
You need 40 vitality and 40 str in your build for good amount of damage and huge boost to your healing. Vitality is your main priority.
Find Herbal tea or Aloe soup recipes. They will give you a huge boost in healing with 40 vit.
Also learn stat warpaints. They give plus 3 stat point and should help you with reaching good amount of stats.
Str or vitality one.
Also use weapons with hyperarmor (you will be able to tank npcs attacks and it will not stop your attacks.) like hammers or axes.
Also drop screenshots of your inventory screen and dmg of your weapons.
Maybe you just use low tier items and need to get something better.
If you hit 60 lvl you can kill one of world bosses for good weapon drop.

Aloe soup doesn’t have any enemies nearby so it will be easy to get. Herbal tea have cimmerian camp npcs around it and they are on par or even harder than Sepermeru npcs.

Use Reduction kits on your heavy armor pieces.
It will bring pieces weight way down to comfortable lvl.
Equip your thralls with heavy armor no kits needed. They are your tanks so they need max amount of armor you can give them.
Keep some cooked food in their inventory for them to heal. Nothing fancy. Some cooked meat.
Use 2h swords for them or 1h maces. I prefere maces because they have ton of hyperarmor and thralls usually just shrug off multiple attacks and continue their attack combo.

Your idea attributes build should have at least:
40 str
40 vit
20 grit
20 enc
Seeing you play solo pve you only need str and vit with enc while running low grit will be enough for you.

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even though what @chaoruk said is true and will help u i spent some time making a video and analyzing the way i am doing it… keep in mind that i am on my harvester build (as i wanted to show u that can be done despite the levels seperating our characters… ).

the herbal tea along with derketo feast will give u a massive bonus at the state consoles r now , but upon new patch this will change , so do not overinvest in herbal tea or aloe soup…

my FIGHTER build is like that :

and my gear is thisQ

wearing : executioners hood , redeemed silent legion chest , redeemed silent legion hands, arena champions pants and hyborean slaver boots

the gear is old yog touch (or axe of the lion) both with spiked fitting on it, black bruarghs shield , dagon daggers , and croms hammer , i use derketo feast (the one u see is lasting feast used for causal raids -like clearing new asgaard) and ambrosia… i always carry my truncheon and rope with me and lastly my torch…

i also use alcohol to get drunk (u can also achieve the same effect by using directly 10 crimson lotus dust) and immediattelly set potion so i remove all debuffs . this adds +3 to strenght and +3 to vitality which i find way better than tattoos as it way less costly… and for encumbrance i use a simple elixir of numbing (+3 encumbrance)

feel free to ask anything u like

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if u r intersted te harvester build i use for the video is this :

and the gear i wear is this

the aquilonian medium helmet , the poitain chest and pants the yamatai demon hands and the redeemed silent legion boots

as gear i have only dragon bone axe and dragon bone shield (for my harvester i carry the shield of zawbeth as with the +5 survival i hit the hard worker perk, but for the video i chosen a craftable shield. and the snakebite daggers …

once again feel free to ask anything u like

EDIT : had to bring video down due to poor quality and sound! i am sorry for this! will try to edit it with captions…

“I also use alcohol to get drunk (u can also achieve the same effect by using directly 10 crimson lotus dust) and immediately set potion so i remove all debuffs . this adds +3 to strength and +3 to vitality which i find way better than tattoos as it way less costly”

This was the only thing I didn’t understand.

What is the purpose of getting drunk? The endurance buff? Doesn’t it make combat more difficult?
What potion do you use to remove all debuffs? Bleeding damage is my Bane and wraps don’t always work fast enough.
I haven’t experimented with tattoos yet but it sounds useful.

Thank you for all the help!

you’re kidding right?

In game, I mean. I’ve grasped the point of getting drunk out in the real world. :tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass::tumbler_glass:

10 pieces of alcohol or crimson lotus dust (the cheapest way) will give u +3 str and +3 vitality for an hour… comes pretty handy to get ur character drunk before fights… has also a lot of debuffs so use a set potion to insta-remove all before u proceed to the actual fight…

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Ah, got it now. Looks like I better start construction on an altar to Set and finding a priest thrall for it. I’ve been neglecting religion in this game (aside from constructing an altar to Ymir because if its good enough for the Jotuun it’s good enough for me) because I’m not familiar with the benefits.

Investing into learning Mitra religion and crafting Ambrosia will be a good decision if next console patch is not a myth.


this is a great advice… given the changes that will follow