Game Suggestions (PS4)

  1. Need more slots in the wheel & weapons that will work as a torch that work in water too. Or let your thrall hold it.

  2. Give us options to kick people off server for harassment or walling off areas etc.
    Or just make it so they can’t build over rivers
    not let people build over rivers or important areas like spawn points of world bosses or the Brimstone pools.

  3. There are very few official servers for PVE (America) l joined a new pve server & there’s no where available to build or even put a mat down? (Will you make more pve servers or do a wipe soon)

  4. Need more placeables for decorating & or building & let us place water when building or like a waterfall/pool in any area. Because those places always go first.

  5. Let character hold more

  6. Need stat points to add to vitality, strength etc.

  7. Need more points to unlock feats

  8. Something to help organize everything we pickup. Alphabetical. We spend so much time organizing, when we should be playing!
    I use to enjoy organizing…lol

Thank you all, for such a great game!
Keep adding more so we always have something new to explore.

Firstly you realize your 2nd point (No building in rivers) and your 4th point (I can’t build a pool because those places are taken) directly contradict each other?

Let me also address your points :slight_smile:

  1. The Glowing Goop torch works underwater, thralls also do indeed hold torches but it’s not a very viable solution! I suggest finding one of the “glowing” weapons (Jedias Greatsaber, Glimmermoon, Forgelight) to have your thrall “light” the way!

  2. By using attribute points you can put 50 points into Encumbrance and you can literally hold TONS of items without slowing your walking/sprinting speed! Use different attribute builds for different reasons (harvesting/building/fighting etc)

  3. The beauty of Conan Exiles is the fact that you DON’T have a infinite amount of attribute points to assign, you have a choice of what your character is going to be great at! Use buffs/potions/armors/tools/weapons that grant extra points to get more!

  4. I have been playing since April 12th and I have every single feat unlocked with 500 points to spare. All you need is fragments of power (Each fragment grants 10 feat points) which you can get by defeating bosses in the un-named city!

  5. I’m not sure what you mean by organizing but there is already 3 different sorts! You can sort by Alphabetical name, Custom and by Heaviest First.

Most of what you suggested is already in the game, hope this helps!

You need around 120 fragments of power to unlock all the feats unlocked with spending those points. That’s no more than 120 bosses from the Unnamed City needed to be farmed.

Not really, the FoP are in chests (7 i believe) scattered throughout it, and drop with other new cave bosses as well. I have obtained 40 in less than a week of casual play (2-3 hours a day) on an official none the less.

120 FoP takes about 6 to 8 hours to farm. An entirely plausible way to finish out your feat points!

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You could also craft Tablets of Power. Gives 60points and needs 5 FoP.
But you need to learn/gamble the recipe for it.

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