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Hi. I’ve played the game little over 500 hours and I loved it so far, and so I would like to try and create some constructive criticism and try to compile a list of suggestions.

First of all I am guessing you’re already working on few things and that the 6gb update was not just for few lines of code and 20 dlc skins, which means most likely new things will get unlocked in the future - I might be wrong.

With all that being said and underlining the fact that I love the game - sadly I’ve reached the point where I only enter the game to chat with few of the remaining players on my server. I am sure many other players have at least that one unique friend that is to challenged by the PvP aspect, or he is too casual due to busy schedule and he is giving the casual term a whole other meaning - Well, not sure if everyone got such friends but I for one - I do, and so I’ve started playing on PvE server where I can enjoy the game with my friend, whenever he is able to play, I enjoyed the grind and I’ve cleared all the dungeon, I’ve farmed all the recipes and I’ve learned pretty much all that could be learned …and then I built, I built so much that I could dream about building in my sleep - however, I’ve reached a point where there’s nothing left for me to build, I’ve even covered an entire mountain into a castle/keep looking structure just so I have something to do - even if there’s no use for it, and I do not use the space inside it.

I believe that many other players have reached this point and ended up quitting the game, I mostly base this assumption on the fact that I see lots of bases on my server just vanishing, and pretty much all over the map you can see hundreds if not thousands of floating thralls where bases once used to be, which also limit the building spots for possible new future players but that’s another subject for another topic.

With the desire to avoid a HUGE wall of text - my point in short is that we have nothing to do after a point, you already got best armor, best weapons, best crafting thralls, best fighting thralls, all dungeons cleared, all buildings built.

I believe we need a list of daily activities or chores that we can log in daily and do, like some of us do with checking on the fish traps - I guess those suggestions might not have great impact on PvP servers, but I believe would be nice at least for us PvE-ers.

Suggestions :

  • Rework the cooking system - give us more complex food with more complex buffs. I for one would have no problem farming 5-6+ ingredients to create a food dish with great buff, maybe something in the term of +10% increased thrall experience for 30 minutes. Reworked temperature gains from food, such as giving +1 or +2 heat or cold resistance, for 10 minutes - even make us pickle or can them to last longer if needed just give us reason to farm more stuff.
  • Reworked alchemy system - Give us something cool that requires farming - maybe for example a potion that makes you immune to heat or cold effects for 30-60 seconds, unless you hit or get hit, maybe a potion that we can apply on our blade for glow effect, or maybe complex flasks.
  • Reworked farming system - I see no reason to even plant seeds, you rarely use any plants to craft anything with them, maybe you can implement more plants into cooking and alchemy potions, maybe to make horse food that gives buff, would be even better to feed the animals if you plan to bring the feeding system back.
  • More vendors - I for one got about 1000+ gold coins that I just stack for no reason, there’s nothing to use them on, I would buy an army of camels if I could at least ride them as a mount, maybe more mounts like camels, elephants and such would not be bad, at higher cost in gold coins, like 200-300. Or maybe give us special dye or unique looking item sets …something.
  • More uses for some materials - I got tons and tons of alchemical base, silver and gold bars for example - not much to do with them.
  • More uses for “rare” materials such as star metal and obsidian - Most players I know only got them once just for the sake of having some, but I doubt anyone is farming any of them for the long term, as most deem them useless once you make couple of sets.
  • Different size buildings - for example smaller animal pens, smaller vaults with smaller inventory - things we can fit better in tight spaces or small bases.
  • If you don’t plan to bring the feed system back - maybe at least you can give us the option to tame and grow some animals like the wild pigg, the ram/goat and then harvest them for meat and leather once fully grown.
  • We would like the option to keep the appearance of a certain set but be able to use it for one temperature or the other, some like how the heat sets look but can’t wear them if their base is in north - or maybe give us some special craft item that changes the temperature value of an item from cold to heat resistance and the other way around, even if they’d be expensive, maybe they could cost alchemical base or some other underrated material.
  • New dungeons, maybe even with daily quests - or revamp the dungeons we have right now to actually have drops we need to chase rather than just go have 100% guaranteed tablets to learn the recipes from.
  • Quests - I believe some quests would make a huge difference especially on PvE servers, maybe NPCs asking to to craft them something …idk the area is vast and lots of stuff can be done.
  • More purge monsters - most of the time we get same purges in certain area of the map, we don’t even bother to prepare or purges knowing they’re too easy in our area, maybe even give us the option to sacrifice some item to increase the purge meter if we want to speed it up, or make that item a drop in one of the dungeons - I think the purges on pve servers should encourage players to join forces and make “alliances” to help each other defend from a purge.
  • More building shapes - we’d like something other than square and wedge foundations - you know you can surprise us.
  • Different build material requirements for future DLCs - There are 10 DLCs out that require those darn bricks, maybe it is time to change the requirements in a way that doesn’t make us hate our life knowing we have to farm bricks once again for future DLCs.
  • Windows with glass, mosaics on the floor, few basic paining colors inside our buildings (painting each tile individually, maybe use some of the plants as ingredient to give us reason to use the herb gardens) -different shaped and sized windows and doors would also be nice.
  • Party/group option - just enough so we can see eachother on the map, nothing fancy, maybe you can make it like the guild system, a point on the map just with different color.
  • Duel system, for those who would like to test or practive PvP, that would allow us to create duel events in those great arena dlcs buildings.
  • More skins for elevators, if possible more shapes too, maybe one that is wedge-like and we can place in a corner.
  • I know water is scary for unreal engine but would be nice if by a miracle in future map expansions we’d get more open water and boats, maybe boat and ship building feats, having boats on which we can place thralls to row and areas such as pirate islands that we cannot reach without a boat, that are not reachable by maps or obelisks or any other way. (I guess this could be fun for pvp as well, since people would try to sink their enemies ships, maybe some that would be hard farm for a clan to get).
  • More reasons to explore and roam the already beautiful map - ever since we got the new patch and I started using the horse, I love to just roam the map and be awed by the great scenery - but most of the time I do it without reason, I have nothing “rare” to gather or learn in the area, I just run like a headless chicken.

I have lots more suggestions that I will list in the future, if those are well received. Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your opinion or criticism.

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You’re right. Even though the game world is pretty big, there comes a point where you’ve seen it all, done it all, been everywhere and got the T-shirt (well, most people never got the T-short). That happens with all games. Infinite new content is an impossibility, at least at a rate that would fulfil the needs of ravenous players.


Oh please gods, no. I’ve had that with other MMOs, and you know what that caused for me? It turned the game into a chore. Even though I didn’t feel like playing, I felt compelled to “just log in quickly and do the dailies”. Soon I found that I couldn’t be bothered with all of the dailies either, and the list got shorter and shorter until one day I just stopped logging in altogether.

More importantly, even if the daily chores are purely optional, once you get used to them you might find out that you just keep doing the chores instead of going out and having fun in the game world.

My solution: take a break. Play something else for a while. It’s perfectly normal that even the best game will only hold your interest for that many hours. Take a break that is long enough for you to start feeling that you want to get back and play, not that you need to.

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Well first of all thank you for your opinion. I’ve tried not generalize in my post, because as we all know many people got different taste and enjoy doing different things, I would have appreciated a more in-depth, structured feedback for the points I’ve made at all, maybe because of the language barrier and my issues expressing in English it was not clear in the post that most of the content is already in the game, just needs revamp. For example cooking, alchemy and herb gardens are rarely used if at all. I for one (and many others would log daily to feed the pets and thralls thinking they would starve, done it for at least a month and it was not a huge issue having to do something other than grind bricks, there’s no bigger chore than farming 10.000 bricks for a medium sized project.

Taking a break is indeed an option - or at least I am sure most people who already quit the game said that, and that few days break turned into a permanent break because they forgot to log in and all their work vanished due to decay, at least that’s what I think happen to the 16 bases that went puff on my server past 2 weeks. (This is just a guess with no proof to back it up)

Awaiting more constructive criticism.

If you feel like you need more to do, join a pvp server. You’ll never get bored.
Also, if you want more content you should try mods like Age of Calamitous, etc.

I am totally with you - but you should say: water is scary to unreal engine 4.15 - which is the foundation for the Devkit - later versions of the engine don’t have the same problems :innocent:

And all the other suggestions and even more are already fulfilled via mods. Unfortunately only for Pc Users :sweat_smile:

The mods solve them you say, well, other games solve them too - is not the point.

I see no point in starting over on a private server with mods just to have admins abuse their power over and over or seeing server randomly shutdown because owner decided he is done with the game… and I don’t feel like running my own server and have headaches either.
I appreciate your advice about playing with mods, but I don’t like the idea. Many other people got the same take on it and we like the official servers and their settings - some of us just want more quality of lifeskills such as gathering and crafting, which could be optional and not something mandatory for all. But if you plan to keep people hooked with the game and sell them 20 DLCs it can’t hurt to try and keep them active, at least that’s my take on it, most are already incorporated in the game, just nee little tweaking.

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