Solution for most issues on pve/pvp

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One of the biggest complaints in game is decaying bases players leave for holidays with family( summer is here so will be worse) they comeback and base is gone. These are just suggestions no need to flame if you donot like.

Having alliances will help out alot in this game.

1.Alliance members can refresh bases of friends, this means a player can go on holidays or if they have to work there base is secure.
2. If they are quitting then friends can claim thralls rather then have them stuck in the world floating and causing lag.
3. Rather people fighting when a player quits only those in alliance can loot there friends base.
4. New players can team up with each other and share exp and make temp base .
5. adding passcode to items such as storage, doors, and thrall taming racks people can share this means less clutter in the world and brings people togethor and can share thralls.
6. Thralls could be redeed in beta so allow that once again. People move bases etc on one side of the map can also redeed and take with them rather then leave them.
7. Add horses in game this helps when people block oblesks, less fighting and people posting;P
8. Having alliance you can extend claim land on pve this allows other tribes not able to block tribes , same thing goes for pvp but adds more of a challenge for pvpers.
9. Allow cross servers if a server is dying player does not have to remake a character all over again if they are not happy with the server or add a mind wipe so people can redo hairstyle , body or ■■■ of character.
10. Have server vote for moderator of the server, thats less posting and if a issue that moderator reports to funcom any serious issues.
11. Re adjust the exp gained from discovery and journeys many feel it is way to much.
12. Allow rafts, building is fun in the game and makes more use of water areas and bases.
readjust breathing potions currently only allow for 2 minutes.
13. add more areas for silver and gold, having 4 ships people flood and camp.
14.Fix purges people have been at 100 percent waiting for months also have it if attacked only allaince can tame the rare thralls attacking friends base. This stops people just jumping in and taming a thrall and owner of the base has a chance to tame thrall or friends.
15. Make better buff for cooked foods and drinks.
16. Add new armorers/bloacksmith for outfits and gear for new dlc.

one last thing allow wars between tribes who have issues against each other on pve.