Some ideas for actually improving the game

Instead of all this nonsense magic and other stuff that destroys PvP gameplay Funcom should do something like make new emotes for thralls. I personally would like to see my thralls doing things around the base like sweeping the floors or other chores, reading a book or something. You know, things to make them look like they are actually useful around the house giving it more “realistic” feel. Now that the survival and PvP aspect has been pretty efficiently taken to the trash, there’s not much else to concentrate on but building in solo or PvE.

And another idea is that instead of making the game ridiculously easy in every way there could be “end game” servers. Start at lvl 60 with a thrall, armor and weapons for both, sufficient amount of tier 3 materials in your pocket and why not throw in a horse full of explosives. Those who don’t care to play the actual game could run around there.
Then the basic official servers could be reverted back to the time when the game was still interesting and offered some actual challenge.

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We’ve been asking for magic since release.
I personally like it and dont share your views, but im not going to fight you on it.
But i dont t think it’s destroyed pvp , but i get pillar bases are now harder to maintain, i think this is a good thing.

New emotes are coming out but i sense sarcasm.

New servers with that option might work, those that want instant gains can go there. Not sure if its already been tried and failed though tbh, vaguely remember blitz servers.

Personally id like to see the clan size halved on officials (and yes i know theres work arounds)


When setting up a Gportal server there is a Blitz option didn’t know what it was. So still there for private servers.

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