Lets discuss about thralls and aim of the game

Hello and nice day to everyone, i am just here to ask about your opinion guys, how you see curent system of pvp/pce meta playing with thralls, i am little bit og player from conan exile was activly playing it after the launch and got into it recently again. I wasnt expecting that now i need thrall in order doing all job i was doing before myself, in the earlier days i was the one who was activly fighting all the npcs and mobs around map, not the one watching my thrall dealing with them just becouse i am not able to deal enough dmg even with high end weapons and getting lot more dmg even with epic armors, i just find it kinda boring, that i just gotta keep thrall by myself in order just to survive in the exile lands, also what i miss from olddays was reasonable dmg to thralls, i dont thing that increasing healthpools is the right tool to make game harder, i think its just making the gameplay overall lees fun and more annoying, i am also glad for remaking the crafting system of the game but i think its removed some kind of speciality when you were actually hunting for specific thralls to get some specific armors, it felt exclusive, same as with black and white dyes or legendary repair kits, removing exceptional and flawless item was interesting move, even they are not in the game anymore i thing that item made by special thralls should be still somehow distinguished from others, what do you think exile players, is it me, or game just became more frustrating annoyin and boring even with all the content that was implemented over the time?


Just boring, IMO.
Survival is a joke now. I went to the volcano naked, and ran to my base to refresh it. Back in the day, I would have died in an instant.
My follower can kill anything in the game, I just have to stand back and watch. Back in the day, we did not have “followers” and had to use skill to kill bosses.
There is no point in trying to obtain specialty thralls now, any level 3 can craft anything. Back in the day, you had to try to get purge thralls to make specialty items.


I dunno why, but discussions like this just get me down these days. I was talking to a newer player on our server who’s faded away, and looking elsewhere. She said she wanted to go where there were more players, and action. I sighed and said “we used to have both, but now we have neither.” Night after night of 1 player(s) on the screen, mocking me.

When I had a teammate, he told me that people he’d played with like to just stand back and watch their thralls fight bosses, or all the enemies in a dungeon. I couldn’t believe it. Made me feel like solo might be the only way in the future. He’s gone now too.

I name my followers once I’ve heard their voices and seen them fight. I rarely deviate, except in the cases of Named thralls. Then they’ll get some variant: Kathibria Featherstep is always Cattibria, but Narr Goatfoot somehow became Spodergoat, and he’s my absolute Pike’s Peak rock steady lugger. I’ve got fighters, Zerks, archers and Purge fighters. They all have a name, aspirations and role.

Frankly if it weren’t for the thrall companionship, I’d feel entirely alone. To me, after playing for so long, you want the world to be given life and investment, and having capable companions gives you that ability with the human and creature parts. It’s not city life, not yet, but it’s more than a craftable pot with a pulse.

In Single Player you can move the sliders. On your own server, move the sliders. But if you want the vanilla experience as Funcom intended, make your way on a PvP or PvE server any way you choose, but without companions you will be alone, embarrassed and bored. You don’t always have to bring out the tank either: the other day, Cattibria and I took on sabres together, me in scavenged mids and she all of a Level 7. I’m practicing bleed drills, and she is earning her keep.


I agree with your point about special thralls. I don’t like that any thrall can craft all things. It cheapens the whole process in making items so common.

I loved the work you had to do to obtain that specific journey, it felt like work, like an effort was made to achieve something. And when you got that thrall you were like “yes!!”, real joy.

Now if I need black dye I don’t have to find a Dafari Witch Doctor to get it, I just find a regular Joe.

I feel like I have lost something here.

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Fake news, every time someone complains the game is dying they are shut down. /s

I haven’t played in months because the actual gameplay part of the game is garbage. Environments are gorgeous, graphics are great, building is neat-o… but actually running around and fighting things is totally broken. Thralls are your greatest weapon since the player is so weak, but thralls are extremely buggy. I’m pretty sure at the same time they wrecked follower AI they also messed with NPC AI and made combat terrible as well - now we have enemies leaping off cliffs and gigantic creatures (dragons, frost giants) insta-spinning in place… it’s not fun.

Well maybe you should give it another try. And if you hit a server where it plays like totally effed up, try another one. If I’d have stayed on my original server, I’d have pulled out my platinum locks by now.

I actually feel like I’m commanding thralls now. They respond when asked to attack, they move, they follow well. Heck, several of them even swim behind me for great distances. It’s freaky, feels wrong, but it’s so cool.

These are the little QoL things that help get a barbarian through a cold, dry, lonely summer.

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I agree with you that the EA version and pre launch version without OP thralls following you was better.
More fun pvp, more fun raids, just more fun in general.

If thralls were to be changed to accommodate PvP they should not be for PvE for one simple reason

Accessibility. Thralls allow players who otherwise couldn’t do content to do said content.

It’s much much easier to decide to use a weaker thrall or no thrall than it is for someone who struggles just to play the game to decide to be better and not struggle

There are plenty of games who have arthritis and other ailments and it’s nice to see the gaming industry in recent years have started to take this into account


There are unfortunately some bosses where this is the hands down best option. With roll changes over the years, bosses were never altered and the over reliance of knock downs just makes fighting solo or even with your thrall just nonsense. Red Mother, Rotbranch, Rockslide are just constant knock downs that are borderline unavoidable, so I would really like to see this addressed.

I mean, by the time you get in range, you’re already inside the boss’ attack range, you get one hit in and you’re on the ground. There is nothing fun about it.


Dragons are kind of easy. Wit two-handed weapons, yeah, near impossible (only expection is daggers, especially the venom-infused ones to DoT them down). With short sword, mace and axe + shield, you can deliver the first 2-4 hits of the combos, depending on weapon type and heavy/light attacks. Or regular swords, but their heavy attaack miss A LOT, they go all over the place.

Rotbranch, avalanche and rockslide are a different thing though. Their hige arms and spin attack are almost unavoidable without constant shield block.

But I think that is a good thing to have some bosses, you just can’t kill without constant blocking and a thrall. They require other tactics than usual.

Hmm, this sounds like fun. I’ve never tried fighting a dragon on horseback, it’s right out of a fantasy novel. :+1: :grin:


the only time i used thralls as a companion was back in 2020 to do the black keep and the frost temple. and both were a pain. the thrall aimlocked through walls like crazy in the black keep and in the frost temple he got stuck frequently and had to teleport. since then i only get them for base defense and started to cheese the game with orbs, bows + arrows and shortswords since broadswords seems to be broken rn.

I love how people keep saying back in the day, I used to do all the work killing bosses. You mean back in the day when we could stand on a pillar or tall rock and shoot arrows? Like Set snake arrows? Yeah, that was so much more fun.

No one is forcing you to use thralls for combat. Though you will have some interesting times trying to solo 3 skull bosses without a thrall. Thralls becoming followers was intended to help solo players complete content. They were never intended for groups of people to stomp through dungeons. So that is a personal choice, not a forced one.


I feel ya… Ansina and Luba are my faithful companions… they dont judge (outwardly) and with iqol I can send em to the gym and give em some “touchups” (they thank me for this). I give them a home where they feel safe and secure and can dance the night away and bring them home meals of their choice. I wander those exiled lands alone, slaying so they dont have to, and spend those stormy nights in their company.

Anyway… what were we talking about again?


The inconvenient resides in pvp, thralls still do so much dmg and is stupid go farm bosses yourself when your thrall can do it, and people go with one and kill you easy
(poor english sorry)

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