The need for alliances would solve many issues. Also add war

With alliances many issues would be fixed.
The following could happen.

1)Players of alliance could refresh friends bases this means decay rate does not have to change server wide.
2)Players should share Slave racks , this means less room being built for 1 person and 4 person.
3)Brings community closer together and adds more group play.
4)Sharing of homes and boxes and vaults, if you can code that a person has to be of certain rank to use a vault adding a friend should be same.
5) Helps newbie players as vets can leave boxes open for players who need gear etc.
6) Helps with the thrall issue, players of that alliance can use thralls if player quits , this clears up huge issue of the amount of thralls throughout the land or add it where u can pack up thralls like they did in beta.
7)Stops areas being blocked if you have alliance member near enemy cannot build in that area.
8) allow alliance chat makes global chat less cluttered.
Players can help each other more if player isnt on player can drop off material in boxes at alliances base.
9) with taming coming players can share the use of another tribes animals, this can be set like the vault through ranks.
10) lands would not be cluttered with fishing bases etc one needs to be made rest can share it.
11) could add in little restaurants and bars for players or crafting areas. Again clears up land and makes less cluttered.
12) as well and this is hypothetical add in special map rooms this means yourself and tribes can use it, this works well if a oblesk is blocked. Tribe can place a map room in that area and teleport to it.

The endless possibilities are out there if this company is willing to listen to players, its not all about pvp anymore want pvp go play pubg. If you want pvp make it exciting Nothing more exciting then 40 on 40 fighting it out.

Also adding in war command, if 2 tribes have a issue let them war it out for 24 hours. This removes constant bickering in global since they still have not fixed the whitelist block command.
People have more fun doing things together different tribes helping one another and this also adds security when you have a obcence troll coming to the server.

Or…or…or, ya know… you could just all join the same clan

The problem is - 40 people

just join the same clan???

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