Feedback from Borthers in Arms


We recently started playing and are having a complete blast! Just thought to share some feedback for devs.

The buliding system:

for us as of latest update this is working great, we were pleasantly suprised at both placement and range of buliding objects, very pleasantly suprised. Since we are both veterans of AOC, we also really enjoy seeing the use of the different assets.

We do however think that the organisation of the items in the crafting area is a lil haphazard and confusing, but coming from minecraft this is not really a problem atm.

The combat

we never played the pre combat update, and we are quite happy with the combat the way it is now, even PVP felt kinda fun, normally its PVE only for us.

We would like to see, options for special attacks and combo’s, and we hope that there is room for users to create their own animations/combat styles. We are both modders and have some pretty fun ideas for increasing both arsenal and combat style via mods.

We love that we arent class locked to anything! that we can use all weapons armor etc. This is tremendously good. We also enjoy the brutality of the combat, the chopped limbs, then fatalities.

The Ui

This is serviceable, but we would llike to be able to turn screen elements on and off, and to move them freely around, there are several options for this, that also allow the community to skin the UI easily. As it stands we were a bit unimpressed but i guess it does its job.

the OPTION to add more quickslots, and keybinds.

The World

While we are dissapointed with the size of the world and that it is static. the quality seems fine.
We find the story elements we have found to be interesting. from the ghosts, the the quest giving voices, making us really want to explore the world and the dungeons. this is a good thing. Although we are hoping for a LOT more contant.

We would like to suggest, that you add a way for servers to tie different maps together (ie Worlds)
create some kind of world gate craftable, or through questing, or thorugh admin tools. that allows private servers to link worlds together. (ie, players keep their stats on servers, but can go to different user created content without messing with the funcom exiles map.

We would also love to be able to add content areas to the map on our own to the main game world.


early sets look great, models are fine, animations are a bit rought, in particulare climbing and jumping. looking forwards to these being smoothed out.
We lack a vanity option, and while this can be fixed with mods, it would be nice to have it as a core feature.

Server Specific:

great work on the server options and admin options, well thought through, and executed well as well. from the start we felt that we had most of hte control we wanted. although some mods do provide more. (look into that :wink: ).

We also love the dedicated server option and are trying to now fund our own dedicated server for large scale maps.



  • Streamlined improved animations
  • Vanity armor options (this should be core - it was a huge request in AOC).
  • Vanity Weapons - (weapon slots on character, (with sheaths) so you can load out your
    barbarian with a knify in a the boot, two hander on the back, sword on the side, backpack or
    belt slot that adds carry weight. just visual representation of what youd expect a warrior to
    carry and use. (we will be trying this with mods).


  • Skill tree diversity - Really, you dont need to look further than AOC skills, they were kickass,
    some of the best diversity i’ve seen, different playstyles a lot. Allow increase in strenght and
    stats to grant Skill points that can be used to unlock extra moves/combos/finishers. Acutally
    have skill trees and feats, specialisation into for example two handers, shield, dodges,
    sneaks, etc.
  • Server linking. Allow players to keep progress centralised between some servers (optional).
    so that friends can jump around between them.
  • Allow questing / journal to be added - community created content is key to longevity.
  • Event systems to popular quests can be redone and rewards can be earned by all. (in this case repeatable dungeons.

in closing. you have a tremendous start here, looking forwards to release, and hope you will continue to support and open up for the modding community, we intend if release and support goes well to move our gulds/clans over to exiles and Set up a few dedicated servers.

even if you dont add or improve. we are impressed. and have had more fun with this in the last few days than we had in a long time. so we are happy to support you with the copies we have already bought. good luck. god speed.

Thankyou for a great sandbox!

no, dont ad thos borong WOW combo combat system its perfect whit thos 3 type of atacks as it is!