DING!, welcome to level 60!

Yeah, finally made it to level 60 playing solo and local (getting to level 60 wasn’t my main target, it’s just a result of playing to enjoy the game as much as I can).
Regarding armor, what should one aim for at level 60?
I use Aquilonian for heat :sunny: and Vanir Fur (medium) for cold :snowflake:
For weapons, just started to open chests with lots of keys I’ve saved. Usually carry daggers, two handed for reach and one handed to be able to carry a torch.
What new goals should one have at level 60? Just keep trying to finish the quests from the journal?

Solo? Pick your own adventure.

Immerse yourself, find a find spot for a base, theme out thralls.

Gear up for farming undead city and dungeons.

I play on pve c, live in the jungle, built an Amazon tribe, working towards shrine 2 and 3, teiring out for t3 for purge, and farm the undead city for backup armor.

Keep it simple, stay away from anything godmode that you can do easily.

Everyone has a point they stop at, so it’s what you make it.

Best example is gearing up for a climate area and going to adventure out in it for a while to see what I can bring back.


In solo / co-op games the drop in UC’s chests are not the same as in online games. Finding legendary is very very rare. If you don’t like spending all your playing time farming the UC, forget about Legendary weapons.
Do the Black Keep, killing the boss twice to get 2 hearts, learn the recipe for Tellith’s Lament and Tellith’s Sorrow. Craft both, you need one kingscourge heart for each, and you have the best craftable 1h and 2h swords of the game.
If you craft epic flawless armours, you’ll need a t4 armourer, any could do the DLC’s armours. I don’t know if it’s the same for the Vanir set.


Reason I could never get into Skyrim was even on the hardest difficulty, I could die with no consequence. Dark souls was difficult to a fault, but online Conan, you have game difficulty, and then staying online/server difficulty, plus risk of PvP and item loss.

I did not know loot changed on and offline though.

If I ever did solo, I’d up box damage, and rapid purge buildup so I could keep defending.


you can try to leave the exiles land, or stay and build a massive city^^

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I’m still pretty new myself but if you are looking for (what I think are) decent weapons “for now” go kill the Undead Dragon with your favorite thrall and learn the dragonbone weapons.

They seem pretty good and are not material intensive.
Or just use the flawless versions of the DLC weapons until you get the legendary weapons you are wanting to get.

I have been using the Yamatai medium for southern regions and the Khitan medium for the northern regions. The flawless varieties almost work too good it seems.


Eh what? I’ve got multiple legendaries from the Unnamed city in my solo mode. Not from chests though, but from the bad guys there. (Still no Sword of Crom, though.) Farming regular legendary chests opened with skeleton keys is easier, though.

The Telith weapons are very good and look pretty, though, so there’s nothing wrong about getting those.

Curiously, whereas the regular Aquilonian medium armor is stronger than most regular heavies, the epic Aquilonian medium is weaker than most epic mediums. This feels strange, especially considering the rarity of armorers who can craft flawless Aquilonian (that’s just Hanar of Bossonia, I believe, unless Funcom recently added others).


First of all: now you’ve access to epic (flawless if you have amorers) armor, wich have totally better values (they are totally another category compared with your previous armor).

You’re using Vanir for cold… last time I tryed it at epic level vanir was… disappointing.

I suggest you to use the cimmerian (medium), giving you bonus to vitality but better values (at epic flawless) than vanir.

Little problem, cimmerian do not have a so strong cold protection, is good as your current un-epic vanir armor is.

Vanir, at flawless epic, could be better in protecting you from cold. So maybe you can also try to mix armor pieces.

Keep in mind this: un-epic armor do not protect you very well from heat/cold, but they gives you little disadvantages against the opposite condition. When you’ll craft epic flawless version of them, instead, you’ll have better protection but also greater disadvantages in the wrong condition.

So sometimes it’s needed to mix armor pieces when in “temperate” environments.

For that, you can farm Xaltar’s Refuge and retrieve all the pieces of the Sobek armor. Sobek armor do not gives you any heat/cold protection, but have best armor value in absorbing damages.

It’s also relatively simple to obtain.

For very cold you have now a problem: best armor (between medium armors) is the Pride of Aesir, but it require a LONG quest to be able to craft it and… well a little problem for you: it can be crafted only at Ymir forge, so in the coldest place of the map.

You have to be really good prepared to face the environment to resist there, or the frost giants will have only to see you dying by freeze.

Best weapons and tools are obviously the legendary ones, and best companions for your adventures finding best legendary items can be now easily captured in the volcano.

Even there: be prepared to the harsh heat environment. An epic flawless regular armor + some cooling down effect are required to explore volcano, or just defeat the kinscourge, gain the recipe for silent legion armor and use it (it allows you to explore without dying, but not even the silent legion armor could totally protect you against the heat, so if you want the bonus for being cool in there some ice tea could be usefull).

There are also 2 legendary shields (you said you use 1h weapons) protecting you from cold / hest. Try to find them defeating regular legendary creatures and looting their chests.

In solo, highest level challenges could requires you to use a good follower, be sure to have a bow and healing arrows with you when you fight bosses to heal yourself and your follower.

Now your tasks could be:

  • if you don’t have t4 armorers you need or t4 blacksmiths find them first: for boss fights it’s Always better to have best equipment you could have, so flawless !

  • defeat the kinscourge if you not already done: you may not use 2h sword, but until you’ll find good legendary items the Telith’s Sorrow is the best weapon you can give to your follower.

  • find a decent follower: Idk how good you are in combat or your preferred combat style, but hey, you play in solo, why don’t try to have things more balanced ? Find a good fighter, volcano is best place (many t4 fighters using 2h weapons).

  • if you missed it, find the recipe for pirate cuisine in buccaneer bay. It allows you to cook good warming food without decay timers, it will be usefull to go to frost temple.

  • go to sunken city: the recipe for the advanced fishtraps will allow you to capture the new fishes, the new fishes grilled are even easier than normal potions or to get drunk to boost your attributes before boss fights.

Than… than happy boss farming. Regular legendary creatures, Unnamed City, the new dungeons… there are so many good challenges and so many little shiny precious to collect… ehm… good legendary items to find :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And so… in the end you have to find your own goal, if you like to build there is virtually no limit to what you can build, if you’re a collector, there are so many different unique item to find, if you like to fight there are so many challenges…

… sometimes I just go to the north near frost temple just to hunt mammoths and mining meteors because it’s fun to do it…

Have fun ! The best thing in this game is you can virtually do whatever you want, so find your own way to have fun with it :slightly_smiling_face:


These guys are hitting like trucks and have a high hp pool. Relatively easy would be Asura armor…

And I have more than 1 Sobek Armor Sets… so just be careful there and bring your thrall.

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I believe it’s exactly the same, I would certainly like to see proof of this rather outrageous claim.

Since a lot of the balance issues we’re facing is the insistence on using the same data/damage etc for all modes, it would be pretty monumental news if they were moving away from that.

So, in essence

(x) doubt

Well, I’m not saying it’s easy, I said it’s “relatively” easy: the Aesir armor require a very long quest, to find a specific object in UC could requires one hundred of boss fights. Compared to them it’s easier to obtain the Sobek armor :wink:

Plus I think the cave itself is… strangely designed.

This could make the fight really hard or really easy, it depends how you approach it.

— spoiler alert —

I don’t know if it was intended, but eliminated the first guards on the entrance, then there is a point where is a “step”.

You don’t need to jump or to climb to pass it, but nor fighters nor your follower are ables to pass that point (your follower just teleport after it when you go more inside the cave).

If you go down this step you’ll aggro half of the enemies, so you’ll be surrounded by 7-8 high level npcs without your follower and it will be really hard.

But that means also you can shot them with venomous arrows from distance having only the archers ables to counter attack you from the top of that step.

That makes it easy even without a follower at all, because after killed them, it remains only the miniboss and 2 archers to fight.

Of course there are more other enemies inside the cave if you want to loot all chests, but if you’re here just for Sobek armor you can ignore them.

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I really should start using poisoned arrows or daggers…

Little bit of topic: can you poison the Arena Champion? Made it last time with my mate and one thrall (both t4 volcano fighters) nearly died… so I dont know how high my chances are solo.

About the sobek cave: only the first run is really hard, because of how many there are. If you stay near the spawn points, you can wait for them to respawn… one by one :wink:


The particularity of Solo / Co-op games are the whole game reset each time you log in, in online games reset is once a day, and only what’s in vicinity of the character is determined, that include the map, the NPC and everything else that could be interacted with.
That’s why NPC aren’t always the same in the same location the second time and after you visit this location and the content of chests isn’t the same if you open it then go away, come back and reopen it. Letting it open or closing it doesn’t change anything the chest will reset, contrary to online games.
I farmed the UC quite intensively in a previous solo game. Killed around 120 bosses there in rougly two months, since I got 120 fragment of power and was able to learn all feats. One third of them had a legendary chest and there wasn’t any legendary weapon in them. Most of the time I killed two or three bosses in a single game session, sometimes one after the other, sometimes doing one or two or even three run in the UC.
My conclusion is the randomness of chess content combined with them resetting each tie you get close, lower the chance to get a rare item like a lendary weapon and raise the chance to get common junk stuff, especially if the same data as in online games are used.
Perhaps I’m completely wrong about it and I’m just unlucky in game. Afterall I’m lucky in love irl, so I can’t be lucky in games too.:wink:

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In legendary chests, where you need a skeleton key, I always had a legendary.
Regardless how often I opened it within a day… Our base is near an obelisk and also near a world boss, which I always kill after login and before logout and when I am bored…

And in UC I only know ONE legendary chest. At the big snake. The other chests are normal ones, so no legendary.
Also you dont always get a legendary Item from a boss, when you kill it. Repair kit and fragment of power are 100% drops. Other stuff is random.

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It’s great to see so many good players sharing great info! Thanks, everyone!
Sorry to comment this late, had to be kinda far away from the forums lately.
Going to try to comment only on a couple of the answers, not to bore everyone, and because you can only mention three people.

Nihilatr, I’m starting to go to UC to get some hearts and powerful thralls. Didn’t know about armor, will look for it. Going to cook some food to know the snow and such.

Wolfrider4594, sure will look for that Tellith weapons! Killing Kingscourge is next on my journal. Still haven’t found T4 armorers (found a couple while on my brief official servers time).

Bourgmestre, I don’t ever want to leave the exile’s land :upside_down_face:

Jorm, I’ve gathered many dragon bones, will look for that recipe too! Have been killing one skull :skull: green dragons for the Demon Blood to craft the Map-Rooms. Still need a better way and the best tool to get that blood.

Kapoteeni, Aquilonian is my favorite for heat, had no idea that the epic version was weaker than the others, will have to look for something else!

Born2bAlive and Vanir at epic is disappointing too? :roll_eyes: Will have to look at Cimmerian to think on combinations to resist cold. Will look for that Pride of Aesir armor, looks like a couple of interesting weeks! I’ve been thinking on that healing arrows for thralls combat strategy, sounds comfortable. The list of tasks is great :vulcan_salute: I still have a named bearear, she’s lovely :relaxed: I need that food without decay timer! and to go to Sunken City too. And meteor farming too!, really need to see that.

jot29 I never leave home without my thrall :grin: I just starting to poison my daggers a couple of days ago, it’s awesome damage!

It makes me happy there’s still SO much for me to try and discover! This sure is a great game with a great community.

Good hunting!

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