So I killed a bunch of world bosses but the Keys dont work

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[American PVE server 3736]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Kill World Boss
2.Spend three hours walking around hunting down every single chest in the map.
3.Realize Chests are just bugged.
4.Because none of the chests would open, they either said I was to low of a Level, or would literally not do anything at all.

You’re level 60, right?

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I haven’t tried it personally but I’ve read that you have to be level 60 to open the boss chests.

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Thats fuc**ing stupid, Im not level 60, why are bosses so easy then?

Yes have to be lvl 60 just save keys can open boxes once your lvl 60 . I have around 20 now. The weapons drop is random so having a lot of keys are good. Just save them in a good spot till you can use them.

Well that you have to be 60 is the good news.

The bad news is that the weapons you get from the chest are rather nice… But there’s not really any way to repair them at this point in time once they dwindle down I durability.

Game: you need to be level 60 to open legendary end game chests.
OP: im only level 20, id better report this bug.


You have to find a T4 blacksmith he can make legendary repair kits for you.

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Yeah, I have a few of those, they don’t. It’s my understanding that those t4 thralls are only available from purges. And purges don’t work for us.

So yeah

I can agree with you. So easy and the reward is kind of pointless too. All points to be some kind of low levels challenges as at lvl 60 you can easly solo kill most of it, as for the weapon rewards the power of those are comparable and sometimes weaker than flawless hardened steel weapons( with rare exceptions) and harder to repair that the reward too only makes sense for using it at 50+/-. But again you can only have it at 60 which makes the whole thing nearly pointless if not for vanity or utility like the heat/cold shields.

The real issue is the mechanics are too simple.

Huge health pools are not a good mechanic etheir. Because than it’s just about time. Also legendary weapons being level sixty is kinda dumb but also balanced in some regard