Skeleton key chests

Hi. I’m wondering why I was able to loot “skeleton” chests before level 60 (for example when I was level 30/40-something) and now I suddenly cannot (lvl 50-something). Now i read you have to be lvl 60. Was it a bug or what? Ty upfront for any replies!

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U play ios or el?

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EL, official server

I didn’t knew this was changed? I will check the soonest possible and I will reply.

Edit. Before I edit the photos I misunderstood what I read, I will have to apologize my dear friend for my bad English once again in this forum.
YES you can loot from lvl 1 if you have a skeleton key

Have fun and welcome :+1:t6:.

Been like this since launch of Siptah. All skele chests both maps no longer restricted by a level, you just need a key. I personally think this is a good change.


Yeah. I get it. That’s why i asked if it was bug or something… Cause i could loot them and suddenly I couldn’t anymore. Ty for replies all.

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I did this test just today, but it is coming from ps4 single player. So according to where and how you play and which console you play, so you experience this problem. More details would help


Yes, it was a bug, it has been fixed. You can no longer just loot them without a key. Before IOS you had to be level 60 to be able to use the key, that changed also.

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I rhink he does not refer to the bug when you could open the chests without a key, but it is possible to open them with a key under level 60.

I always found it irritating that I was able to kill a world boss without end-level gear, and could not get the reward for it.


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