Why do I have to be level 60 to loot the skeleton chests?

Just killed Giant Crocodile. Me lvl 42 and my friend lvl 36. Got the key but can’t open the chest until 60 apparently. This is a very silly thing to have in a game that is obviously about banding together with friends and recruiting an army of Thralls to tackle legendary enemies.
I was loving this game but I’ve lost all motivation to play now. Very disappointing.

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A couple of days for a noob or for a very experienced person?

Level 35 + a little farming = level 60 :slight_smile:

Get to level 60 with a bang!

I wouldn’t be discouraged if I were you. When they first introduced boss chests, our server was so full I never got a crack at them until after 60. It’s a much better fight in your 30s and 40s.

Also, that time when I got to 60 I wished I’d had a bunch of spare keys. On that particular server it would’ve been fun to snipe one of the legendary chests while another player was occupied with the boss. :smiley:


Very boring… unless you really hate apes…

If you can kill the croc you’re not a complete noob. and you can get to 60 fast by just killing mobs.

There’s also other bosses you can kill that drop weapons. (some of them only sometimes though).

You have to be level 60 cuz thats when thralls hit puberty and can properly manipulate the keys. Before that its all high squeaky voices and urges they dont understand and knobby knees… its really quite disgusting.

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An entire continent of thralls with keys in their ears…

On PvE official settings, Journey Steps. Knowing what is a journey step will help immensely because you don’t need to do them in order but they hide them from you otherwise.
On PvP it’s just kill mobs. Level thralls or pets. You can do this on PvE as well but it will take longer and you will need to deal with purge from all the slaughter on both. With Journey Steps, once you know what they are and what ones to snipe early they level you on both game styles.

If you killed the Croc you can kill a number of other bosses as well and when you know where they are they drop as loot, the same stuff as the key chest (often better) without the need for the key. Once you are 60 you will return to the world bosses often, loot the chests often and and usually throw what you get on the ground. Not to discourage you. When you find the ones you don’t throw away, you will see why you kept doing it. Point being, don’t stress it too much. Shove the key in a box. Go get more. That croc gives a lot of experience.


The reason they are level 60 is that those chests contain legendary weapons, armor, shields, and items.


Just weapons and shields.

Also, respectfully, the leveling curve has changed quite a bit over the game’s lifetime, it’s no longer the complete faceroll it was once upon a time to hit 60, especially on 1x servers (official PvE). Exploration, for example, no longer gives meaningful (or any?) XP, whereas it used to be the best source. Same for many crafting recipes. Hell, it has probably changed quite a bit since the last time I leveled, too.

Finally, I quite agree with the OP in questioning this mechanic. I see no good reason why those chests are locked until level 60. If you killed the creature and got the key, you should be able to open the chest. If the creatures are considered too easy to kill at too low a level, that’s a different problem but not one solved by an arbitrary level constraint on the rewards IMO.


dude, knoick down journey explore craft you can be 60 in 3-4 days

its still a face roll actually

While true, that’s just how this game was designed. No gear has level requirements, binding or other usage restrictions on its own.

I could go to the noob zone and start handing out Flawless Epic sets and legendary weapons to level 1’s if I wanted, and they’d be able to use it. (for the record I’d never do that though).

Yeah I can agree with that, it just seems a sort of weird restriction, particularly given the (nearly absolute lack of) restrictions elsewhere in the game. Hardly a game-breaker (though apparently it feels that way for OP).

I suppose there is a sort of level-locked content in terms of which crafting recipes you unlock when, but that’s all. If you get your hands on a high-level item sooner, you can use it.


Perhaps it was done so that when new players join servers they don start farming bosses from the beginning? I’m just taking a flyer here but it could just be that they dont want that to be part of the game experience till endgame. It isnt a functional choice at that point rather that could just be how they want you to experience the game.

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This is a really important sentiment to pay attention to. The first time we are playing through the game it can be full of so much excitement and danger. Everything feels larger than life, and that feeling of rising from naked survival to confidence is one of the reasons why I came to love this game.

Key in that rise is the spitting refusal to accept defeat from any monster, no matter how big it seems. Killing a world boss as soon as possible is exactly the kind of heroism at the heart of the experience.

It’s especially important to recognize that the biggest harm this does is on first play, when we aren’t powering through levels as an afterthought with the support of a big established clan. In that first crucial play, we are exploring the world and the game, and forming those attachments to the experience that will keep us coming back. You can’t cut that short without losing depth.

The anticlimax of the level-restricted chests is a knife to one of the best features of the game. I couldn’t say if there was a different plan in mind for legendary chests in the past, but it’s a detriment to the game as it is today.

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i had several skelleton keys in my first character before getting to lvl 60.
Once i reached that lvl, i went to open every box i could find in the map without killing the bosses, and came back home full of legendaries.

I understand your disapointment, it’s very difficult to kill one of those at that lvl without gear and thralls… but later at 60 you kill them without so much problem, you can even solo them…

Your keys will be usefull at lvl 60, friend, don’t drop them…
You may want to start farming repair kits, as those weapons cannot be repaired by other means… (and just a little tip: don’t wait until is fully broken to repair legendaries, repair kits don’t work on fully broken items)

for a very experienced person is less than a day…
and a reason u may find logicall for opening legendary chests at lvl 60 is that at this level u will have fought with all other choices game gives u and u will then explore the legandaries as well
so keep keys and focus on lvling