Skeleton keys and chests

So I’m running a private server for my friends and I. We are all around level 40. We cleared skittering caverns and through much tomfoolery killed the giant spider boss and retrieved the key. I was level 40 and the chest opened for me.
I had always thought that one had to be level 60 to open the chests. Do any of y’all know if this is a bug or if funcom removed the requirements.

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They removed the requirements some time ago. I remember first noticing it on Siptah and thinking that they forgot to make the Siptah boss chests locked for under-sixties.

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I can confirm Code Mage’s statement that the restrictions were lifted some time around Sept. 2020.

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Oh wow, that’s bloody awesome! Thanks guys that clears that up then. Me and my mates were all standing around a opened chest with a legendary innit scratching our heads for a good few minutes wondering if we had broke the game :joy:


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