Can't Open Legendary Chests (PvE Official)

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2504

Bug Description:

Can’t open legendary chests.

Bug Reproduction:

Opening legendary chests is very hit or miss. Sometimes I can, but most of the time I can’t. I always double check to make sure I have a Skeleton Key while attempting.

And your certain the chest that didn’t open hadn’t already just been looted by someone else? I’m pretty sure there is a timer for how often they can be accessed.

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You have to be level 60 also dont you? Curious if its the chest by the croc boss over in the middle of the map in the little grotto, that chest always gives me trouble.

I mean its an official server, so i can’t be certain. All I know is the chests disappear after being opened, so it’s logical to believe they can be looted again once they reappear.

I don’t think that’s been a rule for quite some time now. I’ve looted plenty of them before 60. The chest you mentioned is one of the ones I’ve had issues with. However, when it doesn’t open, I’ll run over to the Oasis and try that one. Idk why its so inconsistent.

So I went and did some play testing and sure enough, chests are bugged! Your right, I killed a few world bosses including the scorpion right by the east side of the Unnamed City , couldnt open the boss’s chest, headed just a little north right there at Finger Fang rock and tried to open the giant rock monster’s boss chest, no dice, wont open. I had 4 keys on me. Holy crap i just realized we’re on the same server! My base is the Yamatai style one on the river bank by Weaver’s Hollow.

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It is definitely a bug, but for those who don’t understand what is happening, I explained it here:


Wow thats just awful, they should just remove the chests then if they cant fix it and just add the legendary loot table to the boss itself

Yeah, I posted about this recently as well. It’s occurring even in a private server where no one has looted the chest since the server was turned on.

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It’s available for person of any level now.

The reason for the missing box or not being able to loot it is the fact, that it has been looted by other player.

Respawn of those chests is 20 minutes, of what I know. And they are looted more these days, since any player of any level can do so.

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I’ve seen your base! What a small world!

I can understand the chests being gone and just waiting on a timer to respawn, but if the chest is present, it should be able to be looted.

Thank you for the insight. Hopefully this gets fixed.

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