Is anyone having trouble killing bosses after HP Update of 4000?

Is this bug or just Low level?
I am level 30 & took my Hyrkanian Bow to the boss crocodile, And used all my 350 Iron Arrows. (Yes seriously 350 arrows, i counted)
The point is that, The boss crocodile only lost 1 millimeters of it’s health,
I do not think that is normal. Only 1mm is def not normal,
I have resetted the server and still the same problem.
Did you guys not say that a week ago you have resetted the HP of a lot of bosses to 4000?
ow yea and i hitted several times with my metal Twohanded sword around 30 times… still around 3950 HP…

Game mode: online same stats as official | multiplayer
Problem: | Bug |

I haven’t noticed a change, been soloing most of the bosses fine, seems to be a bug on your end.

I didn’t try any bosses yet but, my suggestion would be to wait till you’re 60 for them. Unless you just want a challenging fight. You can’t unlock the chests till 60 anyways.

i am talking about the Croc at the starting spawn river in the middle, Just underneeth left river going north
Just at that Upside down Letter “T”

The monster crocodile just has a lot of health. That, and bows are absolutely terrible.
Get some daggers and stack bleed on him. He’ll drop before too long.

The bosses have a huge amount of health. It is nearly impossible to kill them at level 30. also you have to be level 60 to open the boss boxes. So I think it’s intended.

The monster croc has either way more HP or way more armor than most other world bosses though. I killed him at level 12 with stone daggers but it did take a long time. I think the stacking bleed helped a lot.

But yeah the ones that drop keys are probably designed for level 60s. Though some are incredibly easy even at low levels, like the sand reaper queen.

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