WTF is with Boss Health now in the face of all these glitches- How are you suppose to solo these?

Spider Boss- Just in there, after 20 min got him down to 25% or so as he periodically went under the floor/glitched and wasted probably 50% of my shots and all arrows but then the rubber band lag and rng got me with 5 poison stacks and i died with all my shiST and went back and all my stuff was gone- not looted just gone. PVE- conflict 3828

Anyone care and who the hell’s bright idea was it to triple or whatever BOSS health why you still have bugs and glitches all over the place?

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I solo most world bosses each have a weakness just have to find it. However yes their health pool is insanely high

How you solo them? With skill, some people should stick with singleplayer and godmode…
They are still by far to easy especially the Dungeonbosses…

It is good now. Solo World Bosses…come on. This is not cool. WORLD Bosses have to be a group thing.

They still aren’t… they probably need to be buffed by x2 in hp and damage to achieve that. They should be scary but they aren’t. We have beginners building next to a worldboss spawn on our official. I mean common they should be hell for people who even dare to cross their path in anything below lvl 60 gear…

Imagine everyone killing giant spiders/giant scorpions all the time because they die in like 15-30 seconds?
I wore light armor and used daggers to keep mrs spidy staggered all the time and only had to leap backwards once to regenerate a lil stamina but kept slashing all the other time.
And so me and others said some bosses got too low HP, resulting in them rising their HP like 20 or 30 times of the old value. I would have asked for 5 times, as it would already fix the basic problem, but still wouldnt have felt too bad. Now those bosses got like 70k HP, leaving the undead dragon being far more easy to kill compared to spidy/scorpion/croc/black rhino.

I would like Funcom to readjust the HP values. Lower the current amount by 50-80%, as it isnt too difficult to kill, but it takes like forever…
Also imagine eighter a scorpion or a spider purge to hit your base. The last wave comes with said keykeeping bosses! Now imagine if you didnt got a defense up… :frowning:

@Weltfremd I would agree on actual world bosses not being a solo thing.
But I cant think of each and every keykeeping boss as a proper worldboss.
Landslide (or whatever his english name is, giant rocknose, hits like 3 combined trucks haha), that named elephant, if that rocknose king still exists and the undead dragon… those are world bosses.
But those “random” black rhinos, huge scorpions, crocs or spiders? Those are no world bosses!
Yet those “no world bosses” have higher HP pools than the actual world bosses. (i.e. undead dragon, I soloed him easily)

Of course. HP is only one part of making things a world boss or not.
Damage dealt and attack speed are other things.
This is why that named huge rocknose hits like 3 trucks (but has rather low HP, and crocs, scorpions, spiders have been the exact same before!) and the crocs got sped up.
From my perspective, Funcom just overdid it with the HP-buff. They could turn up those damage numbers of the bosses in question.

I dont waste my time on killing those bosses myself and I dont see a reason why anyone should. (There are plenty other weapons which at times even deal more damage. Only a few are actually worth to gather.)
Also lvl 60 armor is just the same as lvl 10 armor - they only grant different stats. So the only difference is the weapon. And then its only about time…
The only difference which comes with the level is the HP pool. That (not the equipment) is what makes killing stuff easier.

Oh, and I got to leave a bad joke:
Tell an arachnophobic player the giant spiders arent scary. :joy:

I think they thought increasing health would make them more challenging, but it didn’t… It just made it take longer to kill them. Which gives you more chance to die, which gives the game more chances to fuсk up and eat your gear. It’s really just poor and lazy design overall.

Exaclty- Fix how the bosses behave and the hit boxes -Not just randomly bumping HP 50times or whatever they did. This game is way to glitchy for that plus corpse disappear/random loot loss etc…


Their health pool is already too big, they need battle logic rework and maybe special attacks

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wrong, armor values between epic and non epic light armor is extremely different

Just a few %.
Though actually I still meant unepic armor, so I should have written 50 instead of 60. My bad.
What armor does (reducing damage) isnt that much different. It’s not like a lvl 10 light armor gives 10% reduction and a lvl 60 gives 30%. I think its about 10% difference between those two? Like 25 to 35%?
… And as I prefer light armor, there isnt that much difference when facing certain enemies. (i.e. that firebreath, spin-to-win-black-rhino)

But that is probably where different understanding of several words come into play.
Like MMOs and “extreme” are different for me than for others.
For others, MMO’s may start with like 10-40 players/server, for me an MMO must support 200 people clashing with 200 other people.
For some people, if starting at 25%, 10% are an “extreme” difference, while to me that probably starts at the double amount.

Hm. I dont know about special attacks. Those keykeeping guys arent that special (aside of one or two) and I wont refer to them as world bosses. They arent. They are way too plain, way too uninteresting. Even MrPinky (red dragon) is more of an worldboss compared to the random black rhinos or huge crocs.
And yet, they should be redesigned so a solo player wont be able to 100% farm them. (Instead, a solo guy farming them would need to rely on luck.)

Maybe triple the total number of viable attacks (including variants of attacks) and leaving special attacks to actual world bosses:

  • Dont delete the basic attacks, they are fine.
  • Please add cone aoes (front+rear ones) which would cover a medium distance at 135°, being triggered eighter at melee or medium range.
  • Leaps/sprints like mammals, crocs and I think gorillas already got.
  • More creatures should be granted 360° aoe attacks - those should go a little further than melee range, yet not reaching medium range. (Like rhino, tiny scorpion or mammals.)
  • More creatures should be able to spawn in adds or “call” for their kind. (Like spider/dragons.) Triggered at any range.
  • Warcry. Let them boost their own damage and defense if we dont keep the pressure up. Requires 2 seconds of no direct damage received (like when we retreat for a while to heal up). Triggered at any range. Bonuses should probably be around 20/30%. Should be cancled by any kick or heavy attack. Duration: 20 seconds. Yellow glowing eyes or body.
  • Enrage. If we dont keep the pressure up and those monsters are blow 30% HP, they get another animation, similar to the warcry, buffing themselves up by at least 50%. Of course, triggered at any range and requiring 5 seconds of no direct damage received. Cannot be cancled. Duration: 60 seconds. Red glowing eyes or body. (Let those two stack? :smiling_imp:)

In exchange for them being able to oneshot us, their HP should go down to twice of the original amount. (Before they got buffed.)
That “triggered at any range” should only apply to named creatures and keykeeping guys.

I think those suggestions would change those key keeping guys into something more dangerous, probably making them a lil too risky to farm solo.

Rework of the World Bosses and special attacks are already confirmed with one of the next updates.


Except epic armor is a joke compared to anything lower level at flawless quality.

If flawless epic were a viable choice at this point it would be different, but it isn’t so… It’s not.

Other than that I agree with how they should be reworked. It’s just gear progression at this point is so poorly. Designed at this point its hard to say players should be in ‘x’ armor before they should attempt _______.

I recall before the health spike I encountered the scorpion world boss kind of SE of Tower of the Bat, I was maybe level 30(ish) had an iron (possibly steel) 2H sword and was able to solo kill, albeit slowly, by attacking and kiting while eating grilled steaks. no potions. I recall getting the key, and was excited. Then I could not use the key because I was too low level, which shattered my excitement. My first point being, that if I could solo out a level 60 boss at level 30 while only regenerating health with grilled steaks, the boss health was too low.

Now, level 59 I can’t solo it, and die often, or more often get bored and run off to do something more productive as its health reduces so slowly. My second point being, that the boss health is astronomically too high.

Has to be some middle ground…

I play single player, and find that enthralling named thralls helps a lot when it comes to fighting those large health pool bosses. To name one that hits like a truck and has the health to match is Lian. I don’t mind the increase in health for some of the big named bosses, I do agree the lesser world bosses should have stuck at their past health, but made the skeleton key a 25-50% chance drop instead. I did read with the up and coming dlc that they are giving the world bosses more move sets, hopefully making them challenging.

It would be really cool if we could have it middle ground somehow with the world bosses’ health. Some of us (including myself) also play the game in single player mode, and I do want to be able to kill these without going into admin panel and set some ridiculous values in there because it really kills the game.

And also, like to admit it or not, the server population isn’t too high on most of them servers, so there isn’t always a readily-available group to fight these critters. So an adjust would be welcome.

My thought as well. They need to stop approaching this game like every server has 4 10 member clans on it and that’s it. That’s part of the reason purge doesn’t work right, according to Bylos. Or at least why they think it doesn’t.

Making fights last longer simply because the mob has 5 times as much hp ≠ challenge.

It just makes the fight boring.


Boring indeed, I just don’t fight them anymore, there’s really not much of an incentive to do that now.

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Ive built a croc pit outside my base, lots of spikes and a few archers take under 5 min. I farm it if i need leather and get a key to save for lvl 60…

Well… The weapons are nice… But considering theres no reliable way to repair them… Yeah it’s kind of pointless.