Can we nerf the enemies

I have Hanuman’s Gada. Barley does damaged to bosses. And it one of the lenderary weapons. It also the best two handed mace.

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Just use spikes traps. they will go down pretty fast.

screw that gives us back a way to heal and fight them and do not implement the coming animation lock when using food, potions, and bandages to heal!

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Stop crying. It’s a survival game. Get gud.


I am good and soloed the bone dragon and the fire breather. But if you want this game to survive you can not cater to only hard core solo players and you need to drop the attitude and try to be helpful. And when they implement the animation lock of drinking a potion or eating something while you are trying to solo the bone dragon, you will be the first to complain.


I tend not to be a keyboard warrior. The bosses we’re adjusted because they could be easily defeated. You could put spiked walls up and not even swing at them. People are crying about the food and potion not healing as well or stopping when you get hit… that should have been a part of it from the get go. You could literally tank anything as long as you had pots.

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I am not saying that they should go back to prerelease but as it is now, No one uses bandages on my server because you have to be completely out of combat, disarmed and not move to get the healing. Now with what the devs have said their are going to implement with animations when using a potion or food, it becomes suicide to try and use any heal while fighting a boss solo. And solo is how the bosses are structured to be fought. Why would anyone want to help fight these things when only one person gets rewarded? Why team to do the bonedragon when only one person gets the reward or an outdoor boss when only one person gets the key? So since these are meant to be soloed there needs to be a way to kite and heal is what i am saying as you can do now.

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The server I play on we help anyone who needs a run. We don’t care about loot. If you can’t solo a boss in all seriousness, get help. You can’t take pots and be hit anyways, you have to disengage the target. It’s strategic fighting. Much like a survival game should be. Btw the bosses we’re soft after release, this didn’t happen til recent. Also, you don’t use their and are together. Just saying, for instance, they are or they’re going to.

And that is wonderful! Wish more were like that but sadly they are not. I won’t argue what is realisic because doing so in a fantasy game is rediculas. :rofl: As for the bosses the outdoor ones were actually buffed and had their HP increased to what I consider too much but that is my opinon.

It shouldn’t matter what the bosses health is because all the dungeons are easy for the most part as long as you learn boss attack patterns you shouldn’t have to much trouble IMO. I soloed Black Keep the other day on official with no issues at all.

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with the exception of the bone dragon I agree, its the outdoor bosses are problem.

Outdoor bosses are really easy by just putting down the spikes to where they have to keep running into them. Pretty easy to kill them once u learn how wide and big u need to set up all the spikes in order to move around good while keeping the boss trapped taking damage the whole time.

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You make too much sense… lol I use this tactic on all the outdoor bosses.

Bandages are only good against a multiple stacks of bleeding. when you slaughtered your enemies.

Not a combat healing stuff as it shouldn’t be anyways :smiley:
I would like to see you licking the wounds in a real fight :stuck_out_tongue:

tbh I would love to have those animations And will laught so hard on PVP guys when they start crying :smiley:

Anyway no one should be able to solo a boss (Unless he is playing in solo mode) or using trixs (like spike traps OR cheese it with a bow, but that sucs because of the nerfs… Thanx PVP guys.)

I’m asking for creatures and etc to be nerf for offline mode. I have zero players helping me.

Started solo killing bosses at lvl 50 , no spikes, just rolls and shield blocks and even sidesteps. And was thinking that they should get buffed not nerfed, lol. Despites the meaningless and too hard to repair rewards.

The demon spider for example you only need 3 spear heavy hits and a walk around( no running or rolling) and you can restore stam and avoid its atack. Its a easy no brain no hit kill. Same for the bug things.

The barrowking is pathetic and one of most low level rewarding bosses as you can learn pretty good recipes for pre 60 and farm tons of demon blood. Its minions outside the cave are way harder than it.

Some bosses are harder like the giant spider or dragons, but are too easy to be called bosses. Its only one reward thats why its called a group effort. Most mmos takes a team to beat a boss and give only one or two rewards. WoW for example you used to need 40 players to beat a boss that will give the group 3-5 items. Anyway the team can come back 15min later and kill it again, or follow a cycle distribution while you guys runs around the map killing bosses. That’s team management .

I really hope they buff all bosses to be kill-able by a group of 3 at least and only solo-able by skilled and over equipped players. If even bosses are tuned to solo playing, whats the point on making it online or building your character out of that 40/40/20 build beyond pvp?

Ps.: For offline you already have the easier difficulty setting. Isn’t it enough?

yea def needs a nerf, cant even colo the dreg boss any more, hell too a team member with me and still die in one hit even at lvl 60

Which would require different types of servers for each servertype. Like easy pve, pve-c and pvp; medium pve, pve-c and pvp; and hard pve, pve-c and pvp.

I think that one should be done with a tank, who wouldn’t require to heal. Then youre all good.

Try using a shield or spending your stat points in vitality. I would recommend 30 because of the passive regen.

I think we should be able to tune bossHP up and down in server settings.
BossHP affecting all dungeon and cave bosses and all key keeping enemies.
General enemy scaling can be done in serversettings already though. So we can actually nerf enemies.
Also one can scale up dealt damage of player as well… though that is only a nasty workaround as we would have to scale dmg up on bosses and down if we are fighting normal enemies to get a healthy experience.
Two times the damage should suffice, as two players are more than enough to kill dungeon bosses. As for keykeeping monsters, just look for the “easy” ones. (Easy meaning rather low HP.)

so i should sacrifice my stats for vit or use a shield both of which would be against my play style? or they could just fix their game a lil. i mean cmon does the acid have to hit sooo hard? the shield i get, does it protect against AOE attacks that kill in one shot? as far as vit goes no thanks i have more important skills to spend points on i shouldne have to respec everytime i want to fight. thansk for the tips tho ill consider the shield

You see my two handed mace. You know it’s the best damage dealer for two handed maces. This is a lenderary two handed mace. And it weak against most enemies. I was wearing Cimmerian armor. The enemies were doing massive damage. My armor and weapons are becoming worthless. This game becoming more like ark. By ■■■■■■■■ over OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYERS. And this is on easy mode.

I want enemies and boss nerfs.