Nerf the enemies ASAP!

This is a survival game. As in eat,drink and build a base. The enemies are getting too powerful. Looking at you OP Spider Boss. Enemies don’t need to be so tanky. Nerf all enemies.

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Your crazy every boss can already be solo. If anything they need to make them harder not by hit points but by tactics on how to beat them. The game is already to easy and once you hit 60 you can easily solo everything in the game. The game is dying due to nothing to do after lvl 60 except grind raid build and grind some more. That gets so old after a few weeks of being lvl 60.


Really go solo a spider world boss. Play on a x1 experience server.


-drops the mic-

I do it every day all you need is 300 set arrows and 5 foundations boom your lack of skill proves it all. That’s why your crying for a nerf. I can beat the spider solo the moment I can unlock lvl two set alter.

So pick up you mic and go back to mine craft.

Turn down your damage settings. x10 too high. Play on hardest mode. Enable Purge,Sandstorm and decay. No admin commands.

Show me the proof.

I play on official and I can solo spider any setting you want. Only key is time and arrows.

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Go melee without a shield. Use 1 handed sword.

Build 300 set arrows build 5 foundations stack foundations get on top shoot 5 arrows to stack poison then shoot one heavy every 8 seconds it will die and you will take no damage. Only difference in settings is number of arrows needed.

Doing it with a sword just required set potions and lots of allo soup and potions.

Use set potions to rid the poison use potions to reheal while running

It can be done you can also do it with a door frame stand in doorframe you take no damage if your standing in right spot.

Lad, fo you know what I’ve done?

You clearly aren’t a sword user. The spider requires over 20 set potions. She posions you all the time.

Swords are junk.

Use the one handed legion

You said it can’t be done I have just told you 3 ways to do it.

So your aurgement is a glitch/bug. How is that no exporting the game? Legally the spider boss is a pain.

Hahaha what sword do ya think in my hand? World bosses have alot of armor.

Yeah they do and it takes time but everyone can be solo. The spider is the hardest I don’t dispute that. I’m just saying nerf isn’t the solution. The world bosses were supposed to be harder to require team play

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Those arrows are getting nerf or is nerf. Bows were nerf along time ago.