Food and Healing

Bring back food directly healing you

Also, in replacement of the soothing effect, just add sated as an effect for when you’re not hungry or thirsty.

I think it’s a great change how it is now. Why would you want to change it?

Because of the lack of ability to heal in combat with potions being made impossible to use in the middle of a fight it brings even MORE dependency on pets/thralls in combat. The game feels so slow compared to how it was a year ago due to constant nerfing of the player character and the game is slowly becoming painful to play.

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running in circles and consume food and potions until your char is back at full health is not really fun gameplay. love the new system. now you have to prepare and plan and not just run in circles with enough food in your inventory


That is literally how we defeat World Bosses on Singleplayer mode Testerle, and even more so since the inception of the tethering mechanic. Trying to defeat a World Boss on Singleplayer with the one health bar and no heals is a tall order.

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Just letting a pet/thrall tank in combat while I poke it to death isn’t very fun either.

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i never said that i would, but replacing a dumb game mechanic (run in circles and eat as much as you can) with something new is definitely worth a try

Especially after nerfing dodge avoiding damage is almost impossible, now we can barely even heal in combat. It’s slowly becoming more and more painful for the solo players.

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