Pets - food & healing

Things seemed to have been fine before pets had the feeding perk removed.

side note:

  • Not sure why its not an option to keep thrall/pet feeding as an admin option.
    (Would not hurt those, even if its a majority, who hated the feeding system.)

1: Food disappears when giving it to pet to carry
(Something I’m aware of - but easy to forget when you are out on a long harvesting trek, and a chunk of good quality meat goes missing instantaneously)

2: Epic boss pets, or plain pets, go fighting with you.

  • YOU can heal: Slowly, quickly (based on type of food and/or postion)
  • Your pet… well, food disappears, and they take more time, it seems, than it does for the hostile NPCs to respawn to heal - what???
    (Try midnight grove, everything respawns by the time the pet decides they are back to half health, and you ran out of water from waiting and begin to thirst to death!)

I will reiterate:

  • I can heal… fast or slow depending on food and even potions…
    BUT… my animals can make my food disappear, and not heal at all from anything???
    (I suppose the icons of food they can eat are left over from the feeding system - should be taken out, if that’s the only purpose… and more so - should be an admin option to turn on for those who liked the feeding system for role-play. Kinda a two part, but similar issue, so combining it in this one thread.)

Sorry, but getting tired of taking my pet anywhere for a run, and to dungeons, just to have to wait an eternity for it to heal, while I eat some meat and my health is up in a matter of seconds. :slight_smile:


Hey @Dhaylen

Although this is a conscious design decision, we’ll send note again to our team to maybe give this mechanic a second thought a little more intuitive or rewarding.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Thanks @Ignasi
I realize:

  • Pets will probably never have the mechanic added back
    However - hopefully, one of the following (or both) may happen
  • Exotic meat doesn’t disappear when storing it (easy to forget - for me) :slight_smile:
  • The health/healing bit (just strange I can heal, and nothing helps them - and I see icons of what you can feed them… like a tease


Why was feeding pets taken away? I remember it being a fun challenge weekly remembering to feed my pets. Now all 6 of them sit around doing nothing lol. We can still craft the feeding box haha.

I also no longer take pets on hunts as like Dhaylen stated the food disappears and healing is far to slow.

Pets in my opinion have no real purpose in the game any more. Just something people over collect now.

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Keep an eye out for the December update :wink:


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