Pets consume all food

When I move food to the pet inventory 1 unit is consumed emidietly(Without any effect as far as I can tell)
If you just swat 2 food stack insede pet inventory itll be consumed in no time)
Seems wrong to me :slight_smile:
Didnt tried it with thralls out - but could be the same

This was the case with both thralls and pets pre-patch.

Yes it was pre patch. They take one when you put one in then uses it to heal themselves so if in many battles it can go down fast. I usually put a few stacks so it does not ran out

Pets eat food when damaged.
Food now heals distinctly less.
I figure, they messed up with how pets deal with this somehow.
Probably pets just doing like they always did, eat to heal, and it just heals much less, so they go through it faster.

The pet would eat if it was < 100% hp and if you had food that would heal faster than it took damage it seemed to either just consume food with every hit or would just consume food if < 100% and no healing buff currently applied.

With my thrall I can easily go through 50-100 exceptional feasts in a round of legendary farming taking out a scorpion, 3 crocs, and the elephant bosses. I can also go through food fast going through easy content so I usually take all food out unless I am going into a situation where the pet/thrall needs the healing

Ok but what about when the thrall is not level up to 20 yet donโ€™t the food help with stats to be chosen?

My pets consume everything eveng with 100% hp

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