Stop Messing with potions, foods and heals!

So you nerf heals so that they stop when injured. You nerf bandages so that they are worthless and no longer used even on PVE servers and now you want to nerf them more by putting animations that will lock you into them when you use them? Look you have set up bosses, both outdoor and dungeon, so that only ONE person gets rewarded when they are killed. Basically you made them MEANT to be soloed. Do you guys play the same game we are? Have you tried to solo any of the outdoor bosses or dragons with the way heals are now? And now you want to animation lock us while we try to fight these things? Either stop this OR make it so that ALL these bosses reward EVERYONE in the party for killing these things. Thing these things through not just from a group PVP perspective but from how you made so much meant to be soloed! There is NO incentive for anyone, including clan mates, to help as it is now. With out this help taking a potion during a battle, As you are proposing to make it, becomes suicide! Think!

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I have no problem with boss creatures only dropping 1 set of items. In clan play, we as a clan go back and fight the boss multiples times so we all can get the reward individually. Team play.

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I am pretty sure that I can solo any boss in this game within 5-8 minutes with shield only (except spider boss because of teleports), and that is without using any exploits. Rhino King is probably the easiest boss because even thralls are using “exploits” to kill him.

If PvP building damage is off, thrall will not hit you, so you can use shield and keep bosses on you while thrall deals his insane amount of damage.

As far as animations goes, heal items need animations. Also it is quite easy to avoid all damage so I find long healing time pointless. I would rather like to see long animations that can be interrupted and instant heals or short heal over time then current 10 seconds…

This is something which ticks me off the most.
Yes, I think as well, that dungeons should require 5+ people to be able and clear it. Of course, dungeons should become harder to clear as well.
And keykeeping enemies should probably be done by 3+ people as well, taking 10 mins to kill it.
But not if only one person is rewarded.

Regarding team play and being okay with only one drop per kill…
It feels off to me. They dont respawn that fast, so if people only got a very limited time to play (like one hour), it’s not possible to kill those multiple times. This only counts towards every player being rewarded. Question is how to realize that.
I would prefer keykeepers to be balanced though. Eighter them having low HP but dealing insane amounts of damage; or taking long (but not too long) and dealing low to moderate damage. Currently there are a few of them who are way easier to kill than others. This is why those need to be reviewed.

That being said, there still are keykeeping enemies which take a good amount of time to kill, meaning not being killed too fast nor taking too long to kill. Solo of course.

Are they nerfed for specific build or group of players? No? Than it’s not nerfing.

Its changing immersion and gameplay dynamics which is good, zero animation on applying such effects just surprises