Give me back my healing to thralls


PLEASE, make so the healing is better then it is now, or make so healing is better for Pve players, You amde this healing thing for pvp only. Im doing a Klaels Stronghold now and after one boss i have to wait 10 min for my thrall to heal up, THAT is crap. You should be able to increase healing from arrows 20% or make so when you have a wrap insdie the thrall and use it it heals up the thrall to like it do with players.
My Thrall heals exactly the amount if she has food inside or if i use Healing arrows as she does when she has nothing to heal her.

So many things are crap after Siptah + Thrall update earlier



As a side note, you can give the thrall healing potions. By using them in the thrall inventory, the thrall will drink it for healing.

I do miss the efficacy of healing arrows prior to the healing and food… change.

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Thank you, it is little better then using nothing. But stil they can improve healing from arrows with 20% instead of nothing.

I’m in agreement on the main point here. I do understand why the healing arrows were nerfed - previously it was really easy to just sit back and watch a thrall do everything (see Firespark :wink: ), so I get the idea of a reduction to in-combat-healing, but we definitely need some kind of decent follower healing option for between combats. It is simply a matter of wasted time.

Giving thralls stacks of top-tier food (exotic feasts) does accelerate the process a bit, but after a heavy fight (such as the Arena Champion) it still takes a long time. And because there’s generally nothing to do but wait, it feels longer (if I can I try to find somewhere safe to ‘park’ and leave the room, but that’s often not going to be an option).

Whatever it is would need to be something that can’t be done too quickly, or it goes back to being used as OP in-combat-healing - which among other things is particularly likely to be damaging to PVP as it could potentially make enemy thralls ‘unkillable’. My suggestion would be to have bandages work on thralls, with the same time lock effect, but with the benefit scaled up to fit with follower HP levels (which have to be much higher because they can’t fight tactically the way a player can). That would allow a reasonable speed of between-combat-healing, without overpowering in-combat-healing.

Cept… you need what 10-20 of them to heal a 4-5k thrall. =/

Thralls need a “Thrall Aloe Potion” Thats “out of combat”, that heals 1k.

Waiting around to heal thralls-pets sucks…

I don’t like the new system either. Perhaps it just needs tweaks like the food and potion system did for players, but as it is right now, thrall healing is tedious to deal with.

Yes this is one more in the long line off things that need to be separated from pvp tp pve.

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