Thralls and healing

If there is a way to heal thralls i apologize in advance. I have been playing this game for a little while now and love it but one of my biggest issues is there is no way to heal your thralls that i have found. I mean they may be technically a slave but don’t mean you can not care for them. So please give us a way to take care of them. Thank you

Healing Arrows is the only way I am aware of.

If combat gets too heavy for you and your thrall, just run away. The thrall will teleport to you. As long as none are chasing you, stand around for a bit. The thrall has passive healing regen.

I’m not sure if you can still dump food in their inventory to speed the regen or not, however.

Really on passive healing sometimes it takes around 1-2hr to fully heal and as for food no it don’t work

Healing arrows I found worked reasonably well when my thrall was fighting a boss crocodile. I shot the arrow at the head of the crocodile and the healing cloud was around my thrall when they fought so he healed. I didn’t let him lose too much health (about 1/5 his health bar on a 6500hp thrall) before I used the arrow and he was back at full health before the cloud disappeared.
Part of the issue with thrall healing is that they do not regain health points over time if you are not logged in even on persistent multiplayer servers.

When you are logged in and close to them you can observe that they regain health at about 100 points every 53 seconds (yes I timed it). But if you log out and back in, then the thrall will still have the same low health.

I’ve made a bug report about the lack of time-catchup regeneration a while back:

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